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Character, Attitude and Control 7/9/2014

Phil of Tarzana, CA United States asks...

I'm glad to see that many of you (who I've come to respect greatly) feel that more cards should have been given out at the cup games. A number of games started out with no cards given in the first half & things escalated quickly. It made it necessa...

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Character, Attitude and Control 7/7/2014

Jason Coker of Wylie, Texas US asks...

Don't feed the internet trolls!
This site is great and you all do an awesome job with it. As a new grade 8 ref, I find this site invaluable. The variety of topics and insightful answers keep me coming back every few days. If I need quick answers ...

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Character, Attitude and Control 7/6/2014

Jaewan Kim of Yardley, PA USA asks...

Dutch GK Krul's actions towards the Costa Rican penalty takers are generating some backlashes. I thought his actions were clearly unsporting, and he should have been cautioned by the ref. Since he was not stopped by the referee, he continued.

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Character, Attitude and Control 6/20/2014

Hammy of St.Albans, Herts England asks...

In about the 80th minute of last nights England/Uruguay game the ball went off for a throw yards into the Uruguayan half of the pitch. The England player commited a foul throw for not taking it in the right place. The Uruguayan player then walks a nu...

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Character, Attitude and Control 6/18/2014

Phil of Tarzana, CA United States asks...

I'm still trying to learn judgement calls on fouls. I know the rules, but I would still like to learn the application better, as I don't want to whistle all the time, but I don't want things to get out of hand. Do you know of any online videos that...

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Character, Attitude and Control 6/15/2014

Tim Otten of Urbandale, Iowa United States asks...

Is it proper for a parent of a player to officiate a game involving a rival school? For instance, in town rivals play in the state tournament. The winning team moves on and the next game a parent of a player on the losing team officiates the rival ...

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Character, Attitude and Control 10/29/2013

Brent of Frisco, TX USA asks...

I feel I was illegally red carded in a game where a female linesman overruled the head ref's call of awarding my team a penalty kick.

I was dribbling down the far right side of the penalty area when a defender along the goal side of me on my...

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Character, Attitude and Control 9/29/2013

terry youll of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear England asks...

If there is a junior Ref (in age and experience) who is over zealous and is making many enemies in the league clubs. He talks to adults and kids alike in a patronizing manner and is constantly threatening to either send spectators off or report thei...

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Character, Attitude and Control 8/26/2013

John Lubeck of Livermore, CA USA asks...

In my opinion the San Jose Earthquakes vs. Dallas game on Saturday 8/24 in Dallas was the worst job of officiating I have ever seen. Baldomero Toledo saw phantom PKs where there was only a dive, missed PKs when there were and worst of all gave a str...

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Character, Attitude and Control 8/16/2013

vernon of barrington, illinois 60010 asks...

Situation: On losing team, a pouty, attitude-heavy 15 yr old boy (who was cautioned earlier in the match for UB) refuses to join handshake line after match. Instead he goes to pout on the bench in a display of disrespect to the opposing team. So wh...

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