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Character, Attitude and Control 6/12/2012

Jamie Laning of Huntsville, Ontario Canada asks...

I had a referee cancel on me less than 24 hours before the game (much less by the time I saw the email). I ended up doing CR for my own son's game. The scenario below happened early in the game. I believe it contributed to a comment at the end of ...

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Character, Attitude and Control 5/24/2012

Dave Roberts of Seattle, WA United States asks...

My child plays high school soccer. I've heard the coach tell the team that if a foul is called against them, one of the players should stand in front of the ball until the ref tells them to back up.

I also heard another team coach tell the ...

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Character, Attitude and Control 5/9/2012

Linda of Fairfield, CA USA asks...

This isn't a question, but a comment about Chuck Fleisher and his passion for referee development.

Chuck taught the referee licensing classes in our league in the years before his death. One of his memorable quotes was,'Refereeing is the onl...

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Character, Attitude and Control 4/13/2012

Doug of Oakland, CA USA asks...

Hello All - Thank you again for your great advice.
I seem to have a different view of the priority for AR responsibilities, compared to what most refs say, and what I have read.
Aside from safety, the most important task for the CR is decidin...

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Character, Attitude and Control 1/24/2012

DK of DM, ia U.S. asks...

What about foreseeing danger in aggressive, yet legal situations.
Say keeper and attacker charging full out at a ball and it looks like they will arrive simultaneously, or two players running up aggressively for a header, and that 'spidey sense' ...

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Character, Attitude and Control 1/15/2012

Brian B. of Bakersfiled, Ca USA asks...

I would like to get your opinion on the idea of stopping a serious foul or misconduct BEFORE it actually happens. Doesnt seem right but in trying to keep the game under control and maintain the safety of players, maybe I should have.
U14 boys. Ev...

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Character, Attitude and Control 10/29/2011

Dale of Corinth, TX USA asks...

I was centering a game today and was thinking about the game management. The game was very physical and had many hard challenges. From my view, the challenges were legal challenges (shoulder to shoulder, ball was playable), but often players ended ...

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Character, Attitude and Control 10/11/2011

Daniel Brett of Cincinnati, OH United States asks...

Are there consequences if a referee if found to have purposefully falsified information in a game report? example - coach yells, 'hey ref that's a $#%@! terrible call!' Referee shows red for foul and abusive language and the coach leaves the game fie...

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Character, Attitude and Control 10/10/2011

Cecelia of San Jose, CA USA asks...

What is a good age for a 13 year old ref to start center refereeing games? What if you have only ARed 5 games? Is it too early to start center reffing?...

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Character, Attitude and Control 10/9/2011

alex of richmond hill, ontario canada asks...

Two similar but different scenarios.
1. AR raises flag to indicate a foul. CR then saw the opportunity of applying the advantage rule, signal and shout 'advantage play on'.
2. AR raises flag for an offside. CR saw the ball reaches the goalkee...

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