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Law 18 - Common Sense 4/29/2017

Rand Skelton of Gilbert, AZ United States asks...

In today's game, a ball was kicked by opposing team and going out but hit a water bottle that was real close to the sideline before it completely crossed the line. One of our players picked it up for a throw in and the ref whistled the game stopped. ...

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Law 18 - Common Sense 4/20/2017

Barry Stewart of Chilliwack, BC Canada asks...

Situation: near the end of the first half, the (no AR) referee notices the keeper 'likely' infringing on the 18 yard line, reaching the hands over the line to drop the ball for a punt. The ref is not close enough to be sure, so lets it go.


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Law 18 - Common Sense 4/8/2017

russell of Sydney, Australia asks...

I think I know the answer to the puzzle that was put forward by Aaron of Virginia Beach (Post 31441) regarding the CR decision to award an IDFK.

The CR did not utilise Law 18 - common sens...

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Law 18 - Common Sense 2/13/2017

shamil of kannur, kerala india asks...

can because of the foul whistle after the goal whistle by the refree goal be denied in soccer...

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Law 18 - Common Sense 3/1/2016

Scott Hutchinson of Ocala, Florida USA asks...

I was an AR2 on a game this past weekend U18 boys CDL game. In the 1st half I warned two players from the attacking team to stay on the field of play. They continually ran 5-8 yards off the field of play to avoid defenders. I mentioned to AR1 and ...

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Law 18 - Common Sense 2/28/2016

Patrick Stack of london, london england asks...

Team A are leading by a goal from quite early on and have been wasting time throughout the second half. two late goals means they are losing to Team B. Is the time Team A wasted still added on even though it can only be to the detriment of team B who...

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Law 18 - Common Sense 2/26/2016

Rachel of Phoniex, Az US asks...

One of my players keeps getting fouls for grunting when she kicks the ball because she is defenses do ours a lot of power into her kick it is not distracting so please explain why....

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Law 18 - Common Sense 1/17/2016

Barry Stewart of Chilliwack, BC Canada asks...

This situation came up in our game last night and I discussed it after the game with a team-mate who also is a referee.

The opposing player was shielding the ball in the corner, with two of our players marking him closely from behind. We wer...

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Law 18 - Common Sense 10/13/2015

Tracy Boykin of Eagle Point, Or United States asks...

My daughter was injured during a pre season game. she was out with a doctors note and this week was released to resume playing. Even though she was injured and out with a note she attended every practice and game. now her coach is telling her she can...

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Law 18 - Common Sense 9/8/2015

George of Parangarecutirimicuaro, CA Sacratomato asks...

Over the weekend I witnessed a play that made me happy I was not refereeing at the time. I would like to hear from the panel just in case I ever see it again.

In a championship game, Team A scores to tie the game. The majority of the playe...

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