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Law 1- The Field 4/26/2012

Aaron of Stanford, Kentucky United States asks...

According to the US Youth Soccer Association the official modified U10 playing rules that have been in existence since 2003, states penalty spots are to be marked at 8 yards. U12 spots marked at 10 yards and 13 and up marked at 12 yards. The marks on...

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Law 1- The Field 4/23/2012

Aaron of Stanford, Kentucky US asks...

In a recent sat/sun tourny we had pool play on sat and then single elimination on sun. We played three games on sat with different ref teams for each game. Each ref team used the penalty spot as marked on the field. On sun we had a different ref team...

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Law 1- The Field 4/2/2012

Alex of Milford, CT USA asks...

In a recent game a ball was played down the field by the attacking team, picked up by the keeper while only partly over the penalty area line. The opposing coach argued that the ball wasn't in the 'area' yet, and thus his team should be awarded a fr...

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Law 1- The Field 3/11/2012

Vincent of Seattle, WA United States asks...

Hi, on our last game my team was attacking; the forward shoots from inside the penalty area and the ball hits the referee who in my opinion should've been positioned in a better spot, the ball goes out of bounce thru the goal line, what is the prop...

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Law 1- The Field 3/7/2012

Danny Vaughan of North Vancouver, BC Canada asks...

The Penalty Spot..

Hello, Clearly even though this is my no.1 passion... I've played the game my entire life.. It never ceases to amaze me how much I'm still trying to understand ??

We are awarded a Penalty Kick.. 0-0 game.. very to...

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Law 1- The Field 1/28/2012

Rakshit of Mumbai, Maharastra India asks...

What if the markings of the fields are washed away due to excessive rain,what is the ref. suppose to do..?...

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Law 1- The Field 1/26/2012

Rakshit of Mumbai, Maharastra India asks...

What if the markings of the field are washed away by the heavy rain, what a ref is supposed to do then.?...

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Law 1- The Field 1/22/2012

Scott of Livermore, CA USA asks...

You show up to ref. a state championship semi-final game for U13G in Northern CA. (this is for some of the best teams in the country) and it is pointed out to you that the field is only 280 feet long. This of course violates the minimum dimension of ...

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Law 1- The Field 11/27/2011

Filippo of Palermo, Italy asks...

Why do corner flagposts exist?

The question may sound simple, but it is something I really wonder: the most important (and, perhaps, the only) reason is that they ideally divide the goal line from the touch line, so than it is always clear w...

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Law 1- The Field 11/1/2011

Gary L. Sawicki of Bay City, Michigan Bay asks...

A quick question about a Regional game played this week.During our warm up the markings on the pitch didn't appear correct. As a ref I walked the penalty area off & from the goal line to the top of the 18 it was only 16yrds & from both goal p...

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