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Law 11 - Offside 9/29/2018

Ralph of luton, beds england asks...

If a player is running back from an offside position, not interfering with the ball, and a shot comes in and the keeper saves it. The said player then turns (the player does not get on the way of the keeper or his sight of the shot) an shoots and sco...

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Law 11 - Offside 9/26/2018

Barry Stewart of Chilliwack, BC Canada asks...

At our 2018 refresher course, there was a FIFA clarification that for the purpose of offside, the 'last touched by a team-mate' would be timed to be at the start of the touch, rather than the end.

We no longer get free Law books, so I can't ...

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Law 11 - Offside 9/25/2018

Brian of Brooklyn, NY USA asks...

Is there off-side from a GK punt or throw? Does it matter which half the GK's teammate is in?


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Law 11 - Offside 9/25/2018

Brian of Brooklyn, NY USA asks...

Hi Gents,

Off-side questions.

1) Attacker in an off-side position runs back, tackles defender and comes away with the ball. Assuming the defender either had control or attempted to play the ball, is this offisde or not?


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Law 11 - Offside 9/18/2018

Zach of Istanbul, Turkey asks...

A few months ago, all site contributors, uniformly stated that the goal in the game PAOK-AEK was offside.
A few days ago a similar (is it?) goal, at least according to PAOK fans, was awarded to Villareal.

Can you please comment on any di...

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Law 11 - Offside 9/15/2018

Phil Prata of Burlington, ON Canada asks...

Player in offside position when through ball played, defenders appeal for offside, the striker receives the ball and linesman flag goes up, defenders again appeal for offside, the ref calls out 'OK thanks' nothing else. The striker stops as do the de...

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Law 11 - Offside 9/13/2018

Phil of Tarzana, CA United States asks...

Thank you for your thorough explanation of offside. It brings up a question though.

Suppose D2's slide tackle took him out over the touch line on an angle, rather than the goal line. For purposes of offside, I know he's considered, but is ...

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Law 11 - Offside 8/20/2018

Sal of CHICAGO, IL USA asks...

In the game Chelsea vs Arsenal on Chelsea's last break away at minute 15:54 in the video, the attacker clearly in an offside position (about 5 yards) purposely lets the ball go between his legs so his team mate who was coming from behind and not in a...

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Law 11 - Offside 8/18/2018

samuel of Seattle, WA usa asks...

what was the reasoning for IFAB changing the offside call rule from basically putting the flag up at the second t last defender line to now being where the ball is played, even if that attacker touches it 30 yards downfield?

was it just to ...

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Law 11 - Offside 8/12/2018

Barry of London, England asks...

During a recent premiership match between West Ham and Liverpool a goal was scored by one of two players who are both well in advance of the last defender. The ball was played across the box to a third Liverpool player who took it to the byline and c...

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