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Law 17 - Corner Kick 8/19/2011

Mark of xx, Pennsylvania US asks...

I believe Joe Mchugh misspoke in his response to 25315.

his response states that another goal kick should be taken, but then he follows up stating it should not be a retake. I think he meant to say it should be a corner kick, as that's wh...

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Law 17 - Corner Kick 8/11/2011

Jay Ramey of El Dorado Hills, C USA asks...

In following up to Dennis Wickham's statement.

'However, if the kicking player had merely stepped on top of the ball and then left it for the next player, who dribbles it away, that would not have been a legal restart. But even that is not ...

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Law 17 - Corner Kick 7/28/2011

alex of richmond hill, ontario canada asks...

Thanks for the replies. I raised the flag because I believe loudly calling his teammate to take the corner while softly whispering to me that he will do the corner kick falls into the category of verbal distraction to his opponents.

To answ...

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Law 17 - Corner Kick 7/26/2011

Ethan Bent of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada asks...

Hello esteemed panel of referee minds,

My question is regarding corner kicks and the number of players allowed to leave the field to take one.

In a game I was refereeing, the attacking team had two players leave the field to take a ...

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Law 17 - Corner Kick 7/23/2011

alex of richmond hill, ontario canada asks...

Working as an AR in a corner kick. The attacker put the ball inside the corner arc and openly call his teammate who is approaching to take the corner kick with a defender close by. Then he suddenly tells me that he will kick start the corner kick to ...

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Law 17 - Corner Kick 7/21/2011

Jaewan Kim of Yardley, PA USA asks...

As was pointed out in one of the panel's answers, arguing over 2 inches is trifling. However, the law needs to be interpreted consistently. Even one of the esteemed panelist answered that the ball 'must touch' the line to be inside. So there seems to...

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Law 17 - Corner Kick 7/21/2011

Tom Maerz of Chatham, Ontario Canada asks...

My Question is for placement of the ball on a corner kick. If the ball is placed on the goal line and within the arc and the ball is then kicked but goes immediately out never completely entering the field of play, is the ball to be kicked again as ...

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Law 17 - Corner Kick 7/18/2011

Jaewan Kim of YARDLEY, PA USA asks...

Under Law 17 Corner Kick, procedure, it states 'The ball must be placed inside the corner arc nearest to the point where the ball crossed the goal line'.
Any other parts of the pitch, 'inside' appears to be determined by the imaginary plane verti...

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Law 17 - Corner Kick 6/27/2011

Mark A. Czyzewski of Lebanon, Oh United States of America asks...

Follow up to the ball moving forward for a kick. How about a corner kick when the person taking the kick touches the top of the ball and it doesn't move, then the team mate comes and takes the ball and crosses it over to the far post for a play.

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Law 17 - Corner Kick 6/3/2011

Eamonn of Dublin, Ireland asks...

What happens after a throw in / corner kick is given and nobody goes to take it. If everyone just stays were they are and no player volunteers to take it what can the referee do??...

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