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Law 6 - Assistant Referee 2/24/2012

Rover_KE of Rishton, Lancashire England asks...

What's the thinking behind the decision to move the additional officials over to the same side as the linesmen?

When they were on the opposite side of the goals they had different viewpoints, but now they have the same one, and the fifth off...

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Law 6 - Assistant Referee 1/21/2012

Anthony of Leek, Staffs UK asks...

When did soccer linesmen stop running the full line. I have a picture (FA Cup Final Wembley - circa 1937) showing linesmen in same half...

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Law 6 - Assistant Referee 12/13/2011

Garikai Kondanani of Harare, Harare Zimbabwe asks...

During normal play,he referee was hurt by the ball at the face,one of the player violently punched the opponent,other player went out of the field of play,in protest of violent conduct over his teammate.The Assistant Referee in view suddenly showed a...

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Law 6 - Assistant Referee 9/30/2011

Robert Hom of Eagle River, WI USA asks...

Thank you for your answers. They fairly mirror what we as a crew discussed after the game, and what other officials have offered.

One thing that I have specifically taken away from this situation is the importance of communication between t...

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Law 6 - Assistant Referee 9/16/2011

Todd Wendorf of Marysville, PA US asks...


It should be noted that USSF recognizes the need for Club Linesmen as a substitute when there is only a Center Referee available or one of the ARs fails to show. In those cases, the Club Linesman is only to call Ball IN/OUT -- No direct...

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Law 6 - Assistant Referee 9/10/2011

Phil of Tarzana, CA United States asks...

I'd like to know if I made the right decision as an AR in a BU12 game.

Red team is attacking on the Blue side of the field & ball is kicked high in the air, near my side of the touchline.

Red1, Red2, & Blue1 all race toward it, with...

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Law 6 - Assistant Referee 7/23/2011

Dimitris Spanos of Karpathos , Dodecanesse Greece asks...

What if the goalkeeper while blocking the ball slides over the lines , the linesman holds up his flag but is not being noticed by the ref. The play continues in the over side of the field , the ball goes out over rge line the game restarts but the li...

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Law 6 - Assistant Referee 6/9/2011

Liam Mc Guirk of Finglas, Dublin Ireland asks...

Not a question just a comment, i have just read the Gil Weber article on instructions to the ARs and while i found them interesting i would have one observation with regard to the offside instructions,with regard to the instruction to leave the flag ...

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Law 6 - Assistant Referee 6/8/2011

Mike of Chino Hills, CA USA asks...

Thanks, both of your perspectives were quite helpful. No question, just some insight into Referee Wright's question as to how parents could block the view of the AR. I initially wondered the same thing myself. Then I remembered that the AR was on...

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Law 6 - Assistant Referee 6/6/2011

francis of montreal, quebec canada asks...

i was an assistant referee for the first time last game and the other assit. ref was not there so i did my part and the ref was very nice. though i rose my flag for an offside because it was a direct free kick and one of the the attacking players mov...

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