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League Specific 10/3/2017

Stewart of San Ramon, CA USA asks...

The recent question on the Built-Out-Line reminded me of a situation I just had in in U10 competitive game. In my game one team was clearly coached to stand at the very edge of the line and as soon as the keeper distributed the ball off to a defender...

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League Specific 10/1/2017

Scott Johnson of Beaverton, OR United States asks...

There was an interesting (and controversial) call in my son's U10 game today. The league is 7v7, bans goalie punts, and uses the build-out line.

Team A shot at Team B's goal, and the shot was saved by Team B's keeper, who took possession of...

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League Specific 9/23/2017

Curtis Nelson of Tehachapi, California usa asks...

I was removed from field because as a parent I was told 'you are coaching and it is not allowed. Asked for clarification and was threatened with causing the cancelation of the game. I was saying 'good job stay with the ball'. 'Good job 'keep your fee...

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League Specific 9/2/2017

Naim of Mitrovica, Kosovo Kosovo asks...

The game I abonded in first half that was played only 22 minutes of first half. How the game will be replayed next day starting from beginin or continues from 22 min of first half.Regards...

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League Specific 8/31/2017

Justin of Hubbard, OR United States asks...

I was wondering if you have to get a different type of badge for every type of soccer you ref... plz respond...

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League Specific 8/20/2017

Diego of Panama, Panama asks...

Due to weather conditions (lightning, rain) we had to stop a game in the second period.

We were playing a 40 minute game (20 and 20) and the game has to be stopped at minute 32. So there are 8 minutes that we couldn't play.
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League Specific 8/10/2017

john of new orleans, la usa asks...

Say you have what was a pretty heated match (as most boys/men's high skill level games over age 14 or so are) with a number of yellow cards, possible ejections, confrontations, etc.

What is the referee's jurisdiction to completely prevent a ...

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League Specific 8/6/2017

john of new orleans, la usa asks...

Wanted to write a follow up response to the refs for this question I wrote

Mr. Grove: Yes, you are correct that there is a few year grace period, and that there are cheaper options, brands, and models. My point was more the overall message t...

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League Specific 8/6/2017

Peter Babbage of Hjorring, Denmark asks...

I'm a little puzzled about the new sanction from next season in the EPL whereby a player guilty of simulation may get a 2 match ban. As I read it, a player deemed to have 'dived' will receive a yellow card. However, if by doing so, a penalty is incor...

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League Specific 6/13/2017

Dave Bermingham of Herndon, Virginia United States asks...

In addition to the answers provided by the panel, referees in the USA like John, may have no choice but to stop play and restart with a dropped ball. USSF and US Youth Soccer have implemented a rule to prohibit heading at the U11 level and below (US...

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