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League Specific 5/27/2017

Ann of Tralee, Co Kerry Ireland asks...

A player receives two yellow cards in a game. He is sent off and receives a one match ban. The next game he is scheduled to play his club RECEIVES a walk over, does this walk over game count as the 'banned' game??...

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League Specific 5/18/2017

John W of Grandville, Michigan USA asks...

Can an U8 player substitute for a U10 team if the U10 team has players missing?

I am the assistant coach for my older daughter's U10 team, we had a game Friday evening and another game Saturday morning. We had a couple girls that were going ...

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League Specific 4/25/2017

Joey Ingle of Tupelo, MS United States asks...

My questions concerns the keepers and their possesion on the new build out line rule. When does the keeper loose his/her possession of the ball? Here's what we debated over at a recent tournament, we know the keeper can roll, throw or kick the ball ...

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League Specific 4/22/2017

Kenny Macdonald of Armadale, West Lothian United Kingdom asks...

Our opponents were winning 2-1. There was a tackle where one of our players went down with what looked to be a bad injury. The ref waived play on. A coach from our team entered the field of play to attend to the injured player while the ref let play ...

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League Specific 4/5/2017

Brendan Coyne of Folsom, Ca United States asks...

What would you guys do if before the game started you noticed that a parent had used some zip ties to affix a 'Go-Pro' camera to the back of the net (or in my case one of the back poles)?
I thought the pole was probably more dangerous than a came...

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League Specific 3/23/2017

Dayne of Lincoln, California Usa asks...

In terms of rules, and laws,
Are they all based on fifa laws/us club soccer and rules no matter if your in norcal, cal north, ccsl, cysa, competitive, recreational etc

Im just confused and am hoping someone can clear this up if its all t...

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League Specific 3/20/2017

Luis Medina of Windsor, California United States asks...

I play for a recreational coed league and we have a 'no slide tackle' rule.
If a player slides with no opposite player around, is that a slide tackle?
I have seen players sliding to either try to score, save a goal or try to keep the ball fr...

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League Specific 2/20/2017

Mark of South Bay, CA USA asks...

Your "missed ferry" scenario (& question 30183) and references to the Rules of Competition (ROC) got some of us thinking that our youth recreational league rules need to be updated to provide guidance in potential messy situations.

Our reg...

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League Specific 2/6/2017

Mohamed Essa of damanhour, El-Behira Egypt asks...

if two goals are scored and both of them shouldn't be allowed and the opposing team substitutes a player who got two yellow cards in the previous two matches and is considered an ejected player cause the match after it's finished to be restarted or t...

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League Specific 1/31/2017

Jessica of Sunrise, FLORIDA United States asks...

My daughter is playing on a U10 team and she is 8 years old. Can you please tell me about the heading rule that will come into play after U11,when everyone else from U11 is moving up to U12. Will my daughter still be able to play up or wil...

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