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League Specific 7/27/2016

Smiffy of Harwich , Essex UK asks...

I am a bit confused as to who the new "not approaching" the referee applies to. Is it Premiership only or all levels as its going to be very difficult to explain something they have seen on tv is different on a Saturday afternoon amateur match...

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League Specific 7/23/2016

David of A Michigan city, Usa asks...

I coach in a somewhat competitive rec league. The league is sanctioned by ussf. And follows most of there rules. Except the league president assigns referees and almost all the time they are not certified and never wear a referee uniform and I don't ...

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League Specific 7/17/2016

John Godfrry of San Diego, CA United States asks...

After appealing a decision from the commissioner of the UPSL - I'm hoping you can help.

My team arrived to a match in Scottsdale. This is adult league UPSL soccer. The field didn't have lines painted.

I called the commissioner who...

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League Specific 7/17/2016

John of FT Wayne, Indiana USA asks...

I currently referee in a league that is sanctioned by US club soccer and they do not use USSF referees or follow the new heading rule. My questions are can I where my USSF referee badge here? and is this league legal by not having USSF referees?...

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League Specific 7/8/2016

dean of adelaide, south australia australia asks...

at the end match you find a player who has scored 2 goals is not on the match card what do you do next...

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League Specific 7/5/2016

anon of altadena, us asks...

The AYSO rule that Phil mentioned is not an AYSO rule. It may be a local expectation in Phil's Region/Area. AYSO's philosophies include good sportsmanship, positive coaching, and player development. Those philosphies should dictate coaching behavi...

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League Specific 7/4/2016

Phil of Tarzana, CA United States asks...

In AYSO, for U10 (& possibly U12), there is a 'no slaughter rule'. Depending upon the age, if a team was up by 3 goals at the youngest ages (5 at slightly older ages), the team would either put their stronger players on defense (there are no substit...

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League Specific 7/3/2016

Chloe Theodosiou of Mahopac, New York United States asks...

When I used to play competitive soccer, if a team was leading by 8 points over the other, we ended the game early out of mercy. I am wondering what this is called (if it is real and not just my league) and if it is done in any other level? Any inform...

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League Specific 6/17/2016

Referees of Syd, Nsw Australia asks...


How come in Australia NPL and aleague referees ages for centre ref tend to be age of 24 to 30 and same with assistants or even younger. While in england and other countries and euro referees ages seem to be 30+

What age for what...

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League Specific 6/5/2016

sam of new york, ny usa asks...

This isn't really a question but more of an observation. It appears to me when I watch high level soccer like Premier League, Copa America, World Cup, etc, that it may actually be easier to referee professional games than of adult amateur, college, o...

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