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Mechanics 10/14/2019

Ken of Eugene , Oregon Usa asks...

Is it proper for a referee to suggest to a coach at youth level to take a player off for a bit due to behavior on the field? Had a situation this weekend at u14 level where some words were misconstrued between two players and resulted in a player cry...

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Mechanics 9/30/2019

Barry of Dallas, TX USA asks...

I tend to do a lot of talking as CR. A lot of 'no foul no foul', 'that's all ball' when a player goes down/flying if it's fair, 'fair slide, good slide', 'fair shoulder' and frequently calling out why I called something a foul

Would this amo...

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Mechanics 7/7/2019

Fidel Jaary of Auckland, Auckland New Zealand asks...

Hi Sir,

i was doing U19 game between two competitive teams, during the game the goalkeeper of one team kept saying to me that the striker of the other team uses or swore at him, i was adamant that i didn't hear a thing, he GK kept telling me...

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Mechanics 6/22/2019

Peter of Sarnia, Ontario Canada asks...

Blue team committed a foul in yellow's half in the centre circle. Direct free kick awarded. I turned to run towards the blue end of the field and, as my back was turned, the free kick was taken. As I turned back to face the ball, a yellow player wa...

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Mechanics 6/18/2019

Kailyn of Winnipeg, Canada asks...

If there is fight between two players on the soccer field, who is responsible for breaking up the fight? Is it the ref or the players? Also can the ref card you for pointing out a fight occurring on the field?...

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Mechanics 5/22/2019

Derek of Cary, IL USA asks...

If a direct RC is rescinded after VAR review, what is the proper procedure to communicate this? For example, if the referee sent off a player for a studs up tackle, but VAR review shows that there were no studs showing but was a reckless tackle, how...

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Mechanics 5/9/2019

don of houston, tx usa asks...

Thank you for the responses. I do agree about not implementing pro style reffing to lower level matches. I tend not to do that very much, I was more speaking specifically to giving out cautions.

before I started regularly watching professio...

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Mechanics 5/8/2019

don of houston, tx usa asks...

something i need to get more used to when watching professional matches an implementing it into my games are how freely refs give out cautions and what they give them for, but at the same time frequently not giving cautions for things that look like ...

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Mechanics 5/5/2019

Gary Robinson of Pleasant Grove, UT USA asks...

Can a single player ever be shown multiple cards for the same play? I had a situation where a player made a reckless challenge to 'earn' his second yellow card of the match. After I blew the whistle, he stood up and clearly, and deliberately, spit ...

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Mechanics 5/3/2019

Jason of La Crosse, WI USA asks...

What's the NFHS vs Youth/IFAB standard for stopping play for an injury?

I saw the NFHS rules guy say that play should stop immediately, but that can't be right - defending players would game the system and use it to stop scoring chances.
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