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Mechanics 11/17/2016

Russell of Sydney, Australia asks...

The debate about the temperamental antics of a player storming of the FOP without the permission of the CR, and seemingly not to return could have one other aspect to consider.

At general park level footy, overall it probably is of little po...

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Mechanics 10/20/2016

Russell of Sydney, Australia asks...

Good points that both Ref's McHugh and Dawson make re 'Pro game' with a four person crew and their collective views of what else is/maybe happening around the incident.

Thinking about this now, certainly if I was a lone official in a Rec mat...

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Mechanics 10/18/2016

Tom of Birmingham, UK asks...

If a player commits a bootable offence but the ref let's play continue with the intention of booking the player when play stops, if the player in question then commits another bootable offence but it is before play has been stopped for the first offe...

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Mechanics 10/7/2016

Steven of Los Angeles, CA USA asks...

What do you think the best plan of action is to do as a CR if you do not have any ARs?

In leagues in my area, we will occasionally run into issues (as I'm sure a lot of youth leagues across the country do) where a game may have a CR and only...

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Mechanics 9/30/2016

jeff of new york, ny usa asks...

I will frequently announce on a clearly deliberately slow restart (goal kick, throw in, free kick) for a team to preserve a lead that the team has 5 seconds to put the ball in play, and for every slow restart afterwards I will do a countdown out loud...

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Mechanics 7/11/2016

Kevin Churchill of Camarillo , CA USA asks...

I am the referee admin for a large AYSO region managing over 300+ referees. I am looking to purchase a a referee headset communication system to teach, train and coach our higher level referees but also as a real time teaching tool using a remote sp...

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Mechanics 7/4/2016

Barry Stewart of Chilliwack, BC Canada asks...

In Saturday's Eurocup match between Germany and Italy, in extra time, did I see the keeper mistakenly clear the ball into the back of the refereeŽ and when the ball came back into the PA: a player pick it up with his hands?

The only explanat...

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Mechanics 5/31/2016

John of Berkeley, CA USA asks...

Any advice for a referee who doesn't speak any Spanish in an area where many games are predominantly with Latino players? I assume they could figure out I don't speak the language and take advantage, but other than learning to speak it (which I'd lov...

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Mechanics 5/13/2016

Kristen of Knoxville, TN United States asks...

I was recently the AR1 during a high school game, in which I had stepped on the field twice. The first time was to set the ball for a foul right in front of me, as I was taught by several senior referees and assessors, because the CR and AR are not t...

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Mechanics 4/17/2016

Phil of Tarzana, CA United States asks...

When you say 'poor mechanics', can you explain what the AR or CR should have done? If the AR wasn't sure that there's a goal, then he would have no reason to signal.
Thank you,...

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