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Mechanics 2/19/2018

Ali Asger of Pune, MAHARASHTRA India asks...

So I was refereeing a cup final in my city yesterday. 21 out of the 22 players were on the field and ready for kickoff while only the Blue goalkeeper was taking his own sweet time to get on to the field for no justifiable reason. This delayed the ki...

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Mechanics 11/15/2017

Matt of Bristow, VA USA asks...

I disagree slightly with your ability to punish something you did not see. There are various tools that a referee may use to ascertain what happened. It would not work every time and should not be used every time, but why not ask the offending play...

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Mechanics 10/27/2017

Lee McMurtry of Loomis, CA USA asks...

Red attacker has a run on goal into the penalty area with Blue defenders on his shoulders. Blue keeper comes out and smothers the ball on the ground, in the process rolling and turning his back to the Red attacker, who collides with the keeper (basi...

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Mechanics 10/27/2017

mary Ramirez-de-Arellano of damascus, MD United States asks...

Recently in a high temperature girls high school soccer match a goalkeeper screamed at me that I wasn't protecting her. An eager forward had run into her while trying to score and kneed her in the forehead. I had not seen that. I looked more carefu...

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Mechanics 10/5/2017

Steven of Portland, OR usa asks...

Thank you for your responses. I would like to clarify that when it comes to players getting angry at me about, say, thinking a player on the opposing team is doing too much and should get a card, that I do not just ignore, those kinds of dissent that...

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Mechanics 9/21/2017

Phil of Tarzana, CA United States asks...

Recently I saw a Barcelona game where Messi got a yellow card, apparently because he asked the referee to give someone else a yellow card. The announcer said it was mandatory under the new laws.

I looked all over, but couldn't find it menti...

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Mechanics 9/14/2017

john of new orleans, la usa asks...

I understand your reasonings for why you think this is not a great practice. I adopted it after having a number of instances where the player has had it hit the upright, come down to the goal line, and be a question if it was a goal or not, both as a...

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Mechanics 9/10/2017

john of new orleans, la usa asks...

Question about a practice that not many referees do that I feel they should and wonder why they don't

When a free kick is taken by a team close to the goal (say within 20-25 yards) where the kicker can easily reach the goal, I usually will w...

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Mechanics 7/21/2017

Russell of Sydney, Australia asks...

Having now viewed the Valencia tackle on a larger and better screen, I can certainly see why the red is issued, although the long delay in issuing the card is confusing.

In Ref MCHUGH's feedback he mentions the 'Finger tips feeling' lesson ...

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Mechanics 7/10/2017

david of seattle, wa usa asks...

Thoughts on using a different style of whistle during different types of play?

I always use a typical whistle, Fox 40 or similar. But I was thinking of getting a few different types of whistles depending on situations

If i'm doing a...

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