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Other 7/24/2019

Tony of Minneapolis, MN USA asks...

I wrote this comment nearly a year ago to the day and I have the same tournament coming up this weekend. I assume this tournament will still have this 'mercy rule' in effect. It's not a real mercy rule where the game ends, but if a team scores more t...

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Other 7/21/2019

gary of Nashua, NH usa asks...

Should a ref continue the game if he has been assaulted in any way, provided he/she has sent the offending part off and is physically okay?...

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Other 7/14/2019

Lynda Pollard of GRAVESEND, Kent United Kingdom asks...

Hi there
Advice needed if possible please. My son plays for a local team. At a recent fun day organised by the club's managers, for all the children at the club (8to 15 year olds), one of our referees sent my son off. The man is a qualified FA r...

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Other 6/29/2019

Ethan of Liverpool , United Kingdom England asks...

Hi all,
Does anyone know how to use the Limit Referees Watch Ive got one but never used it as it didnt come with instructions and when tried to work it it turned out to be very complicated so have left it collecting dust but I have since lost one...

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Other 6/29/2019

Russell of Sydney, Australia asks...

Unfamiliar ground markings on Copa America field.

Am wondering why there is a noticeable line running parallel approximately a meter out from the goal line in the goal area of the Arena Corinthians used in the Copa.

Can be seen at b...

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Other 6/28/2019

gary of Nashua, NH usa asks...

I just read an article on a 'Referee' website in the soccer specific section. It said that a dismissed coach/player has the right to return to the field after the game is over, this immediately struck me as odd. It also said that any misconduct they ...

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Other 6/26/2019

DAVID KUMLIN of Lunenburg, MA United States asks...

More of a rant than a question - It was so very entertaining to watch the Netherlands and Japan play at the World Cup. For me, what made it more enjoyable than all the other games I have watched was the almost total lack of dissent by the players an...

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Law 6 - The Other Match Oficials 6/25/2019

Scott Cooper of Allen, TX US asks...

I'm watching world cup, and, not seeing the AR move to where the penalty area line intersects the goal line on a PK. I didn't find that changing in the briefs on 19/20 changes, but, it may not have been a complete change list. You can see an example...

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Other 6/24/2019

gary of Nashua, NH usa asks...

Had a first time issue this weekend. Had a thorough pregame with ars. As Cr, told them to strictly monitor offsides and out of bounds. Also, instructed them to signal for a foul if they had a strong point of view. One of my Ars had a routine first ha...

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Other 6/18/2019

John J. O'Hara of Berlin, NJ United States asks...

I'd appreciate your opinion of the job referees are doing in WWC. I thought that the Honduran referee from yesterday was especially good....

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