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Law 15 - Throw In 3/31/2014

Brian Windham of New braunfels , Texas Usa asks...

Throw in question;
I was told last week by a referee that a player can have one foot on the field and one foot behind the line while throwing the ball in. The ref said that the rule had changed with in the last two years. Is it true that the thro...

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Law 15 - Throw In 3/23/2014

G. Barry Stewart of Chilliwack, BC Canada asks...

I'm wondering why the restart doesn't go back to the throw-in?

If the goal can't count, why does the goal kick follow? If my team didn't get our throw-in " then didn't get the goal¦ then also lost possession, I think we'd feel triply abused....

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Law 15 - Throw In 3/15/2014

Erik of Bergen, Norway asks...


I've read the FIFA rules about Throw-Ins, but can't find anything about a TI taken with a bent knee, like if kneeling. Even though I read an answer at this site, about something else, and the answer ended with the sentence 'one thing is ...

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Law 15 - Throw In 3/6/2014

Robert Petricca of N. Tonawanda, NY USA asks...

Can a throw in be taken from a kneeling position? FIFA rules state that both feet must be on the ground which is the case in a kneeling position. I only ask because a player questioned it while attempting to quickly restart the match by throwing in...

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Law 15 - Throw In 2/23/2014

Jeff Waite of Troy, Ohio USA asks...

Does the ball have to leave the thrower's hands on a throw-in before an opponent can play the ball? FIFA Law 15 only specifies that 'the ball is in play when it enters the field of play.' Law 15 does not state that the ball must leave the thrower's h...

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Law 15 - Throw In 2/22/2014

Tj of Sydney, Nsw Australia asks...

Why do professional players take a throw in from up to 40m from where the ball went out of play...

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Law 15 - Throw In 2/9/2014

donacha o dwyer of limerick city, Limerick Ireland asks...

I recently watched a schoolboy match under 12's. A defender took a throw in to his own goalkeeper. The goalkeeper missed the ball while trying to kick it clear. The ball rolled over the goal line into the net. The referee to my amazement gave a c...

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Law 15 - Throw In 1/23/2014

roy of N.Y., USA asks...

When did throw-ins start? My older brother played in the early 60's out on L.I., and they used to kick the ball back into play until, he thinks 1962 or 3. My grandfather grew up in Plymouth, England around the turn of the 20th century and when seei...

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Law 15 - Throw In 1/15/2014

Karki of Lalitpur, Lalitpur Nepal asks...

Can a player bend his knees while taking a throw-in? Like from a squatting or semi-squatting position ?...

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Law 15 - Throw In 1/13/2014

Dave of Torrance, CA United States asks...

I learned tonight that there was a cautionable infraction on a throw-in; that a player could be cautioned per the following:

'if an opponent unfairly distracts or impedes the thrower'

My focus is on the 'distract' part of the law.<...

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