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Soccer Refereeing - Preparation Reminders

David May 1/17/2006

Soccer Refereeing - Preparation Reminders

watch with timer, coin, water, pencil, pen, inclement weather clothing, Rule Book, league rules, sun screen, cards, 3 varied color shirts, flags, whistle, towel, cap, pump

Check field
-   net secure (bring some tape or ties or string to mend)
-   goal spiked down
-   corner flags installed
-   arc chalked (if no arc, decide what you will do if a penalty and tell both teams)
-   touch & goal lines visibility? (if poor, tell ARs you need more help determining balls
   over the line)
-   Penalty area lines visibility? (if poor, warn keepers to be careful not to carry ball out of
the area)
-   holes in the field? (if yes, warn players and be careful yourself. If really bad, put a
marker there as a visible warning)
-   puddles? (if yes, warn payers and be careful yourself, and tell players that if the ball
?sticks? in the puddle, play does not stop)
-   dangerous items on the field? (pick them up. If a lot of
stuff, ask ARs and/or spectators and/or players to help)
-   pace off the distance from the touch line to the edge of the penalty area so you will
know when defenders encroach on 10 yards on a corner kick

Check ball
-   size
-   inflation
-   intact covering

Check shirts
-   both teams and ref/AR all different colors. Preferably keepers, too. (if ref brings 3
shirts of different colors, he can always wear a color different than both teams)

Check along touchlines
-   subs and coaches (max # of coaches) in technical areas
-   ARs have room to run
-   Spectators & subs & coaches and all their stuff far enough from field: won?t interfere
   with play, not unsafe for players or themselves

Assign and instruct linesmen (and give them flags)

Check-in teams
-   mention any field concerns
-   get scorecard and player & coaches cards
-   uniforms (colors, shinguards, socks up, shoes with safe cleats)
-   no jewelry

Coin toss w/team captains: visiting team calls the toss: ?winner? of toss selects end to
   defend, ?loser? kicks off write down which team kicks off and from which end

Check league rules for this age/division: game duration (don?t forget to start watch); # of
   players per team; substitution rules; game can end in tie or shootout?

Count number of players from each team on field before starting. (Also count number of subs
   on each team to help assure that right # of players are on the field after each subbing)

-   Drink of water?
-   Cap and/or sunscreen?
-   Stretch & Warm up
-   Select best shoes for condition of field (cleats? flats?)
-   Pick spot for bag/belongings: near field, but not the teams, spectators, passing thieves

David May, Referee

I ref youth club matches: U-10 to U-18 in Chicago suburbs. This list is applicable to my assignments. Refs for higher levels and older teams may have other concerns.

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