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FIFA Q&A Differences 2005 vs. 2004 version

Gary Voshol 3/27/2006


Differences 2005 vs. 2004 version

Compiled by Gary Voshol

USSF 8, Michigan

Red indicates major changes

Several answers were changed to indicate the 2005 Law change of IFK restart for interference by a substitute.

Where questions were removed (or moved), the following questions for that Law are renumbered to compensate for those now missing.

A number of answers have included an asterisk (*) indicating the special conditions of Law 8 (goal area) apply. These have not been noted below.

1.2 (removed)

1.5 (removed)

1.6 (removed)

1.9 (removed)

1.10 (removed)

2.1 (removed)

3.7.2 - Revised to indicate goal is scored. Also restart is IFK, not DB

3.7.3 - Revised to indicate goal is scored.

3.8 - Restart revised to be IFK, not DB

3.10 - Revised into 2 questions, 3.10 and 3.10.1; answer
applied to both questions. "At halftime" removed from the question.

3.13 - Restart revised to be IFK, not DB

3.14 - Restart revised to be IFK, not DB

3.15 - Restart revised to be IFK, not DB. Words "or takes no disciplinary action" added

3.16 - Restart revised to be IFK, not DB

3.17 - Restart revised to be IFK, not DB. (3.17.1 not changed)

(3.21 removed)

3.23, was 3.24 - answer changed to a simple, "Yes".style='mso-spacerun:yes'> (The sentence removed is covered by 3.21
which had been numbered 3.22.)

3.25, was 3.26 - Question involves
team dropping below 7 players because of an injury. The match is suspended while the injured
player is treated; if he cannot return the match is abandoned. Previously the game continued while the 7th
player was off the field

(3.28 removed)

(3.29 and 3.29.1 removed)

3.27, was 3.30 - Restart revised to be IFK, not DB

(3.33 removed)

4.2 - Changed from "Yes" to "No", but with same following
sentence - perhaps a different take on whether it's the refs or the players
that must change to resolve color conflicts?

(4.3 removed)

(5.4 removed)

(5.7 removed)

5.8 replaces
5.10.1 - with a reversal of the answer.
Referees now show cards for misconduct during halftime or after the
game, "until he [referee] leaves the field of play."

5.11, was 5.13 - wording changed from "irresponsible class=SpellE>behaviour" to "misconduct"

5.12, was 5.14 - removed words from question: "but before the referee has declared the ball
out of play" - no change in answer

(5.15 removed)

(single question 5.16 / 5.17, a
typo in 2004, renumbered as 5.13)

New 5.15, was 9.3 - spectator whistle is outside

(6.1 removed)

(6.2 renumbered as new 12.34)

(6.3 renumbered as new 12.35)

[No questions on Law 6 remain]

(8.2 removed)

(8.3 removed)

(8.4 removed)

(9.1 removed)

(9.2 renumbered as new 12.35)

(9.3 renumbered as new 5.15)

(9.4 removed)

(9.5 removed)

[No questions on Law 9 remain]

(10.2 renumbered as new 12.36)

(10.3 renumbered as new 12.37)

(11.6 removed)

11.9, renumbered as 11.8 - The
referee must wait until the player in the offside position touches the
ball. The 2004 version applied this
provision only if there were onside teammates who had a chance to get to the

(12.1 removed)

12.2, was 12.3 - words added: "from the place where the offense occurred"

12.8, was 12.7 - Two cautions possible if a player temporarily off the field reenters w/o permission to trip an opponent. Possibility of PK restart added as well.

(12.6 was 12.11)

(12.7 was 12.12)

(12.9 removed)

12.13, was 12.15 - restart changes from DB to IFK

(12.17 removed)

(12.18 removed)

12.17, was 12.21 - Answer reversed - can no longer play the ball as the goalkeeper bounces it.

12.18, was 12.22 - Answer reversed - can no longer head the ball out of the goalkeeper's hand

(12.24 removed)

(12.29 removed)

12.25, was 12.31 - possibility of PK restart added

(12.35 removed)

New 12.33 was 6.2 - possibility of PK restart added to answer (b)

New 12.34 was 6.3

New 12.35 was 9.2

New 12.36 was 10.2 - with possibility of PK restart added

New 12.37 was 10.3

13.2 and 13.3 combined into a single new 13.2 - combines DFK and IFK situations

13.6 was 13.7 - Answer revised - if the ref fails to signal an IFK and the ball goes directly into the goal, the kick is retaken

New 13.7 - similar to 13.6, but where ref didn't have time to signal the IFK - retaken if it enters the goal directly

(14.3 removed)

14.4, was 14.5 - If the wrong player takes the PK, it is not retaken. The restart becomes an IFK going out, from the point where the incorrect kicker moved to within 10 yards of the PK mark.

14.5, was 14.6 - If the ball bursts upon hitting the goal but still goes in, the goal counts

14.7, was 14.8 - notes that the referee stops play before sending off the player

14.8, was 14.9 - If the PK is kicked backward and a teammate kicks it into the net, the PK is not retaken. The (changed!) restart becomes an IFK for the opponents on the PK mark.

15.2 - Word "correctly" is added to question. This indicates that a throw-in that does not enter the field is not retaken if the mechanics are incorrect.

15.3 - possibility of PK restart added

(15.5 removed)

(15.9 removed)

15.8, was 15.10 - words "the advantage is allowed" added - does not change the answer, but does show that advantage applies to more than Law 12

(15.11 removed)

(16.2 removed)

(16.3 removed)

New 17.2 added - ball does not have to leave the arc to be in play

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