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Questions & Answers for "Technical Area"

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Mechanics 1/12/2015

Daniel Bacic of Plano, Texas United States asks...

In your opinion, do you think that a coach should be dismissed if, after being summoned onto the field to aid an injured player, he/she neglects the injured player and instead approaches the referee solely to vocalize disagreement?

In my opi...

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The Technical Area 11/17/2014

David Lovett of Royal Palm Beach, FL United States asks...

My wife and I are coaching our grandsons U8 rec soccer team. I get very much into our games and do a lot of constructive yelling. ie: go up, go back, set up for a goal kick, etc.. otherwise the kids will be lost as their attention span is nill. I do...

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Character, Attitude and Control 11/1/2014

harry nye of tottenham, Ontario Canada asks...

I have been suspended as a coach for receiving two warnings in a game. The first warning, the subject of my question, was for asking where the technical area is. There is no designated seating area, there are no technical area markings, and there w...

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The Technical Area 10/11/2014

SocDefendcer of Portland, OR U.S.A. asks...

A player is dribbling the ball down the sideline and is running on the out of bounds line with the ball still in play. He loses possession of the ball when he collides with the opposing team's coach who is standing on the sideline just off the field....

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The Technical Area 8/9/2014

Gary of Culpeper, VA USA asks...

In regards to the coach becoming involved in the 'verbal deception' during the corner-kick 'trick...' I can't find where in the USSF docs, ATR, etc, that this is mentioned, specifically. Maybe I am just not looking in the right places. Could you p...

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The Technical Area 6/10/2014

ED of Woodbury, CT USA asks...

A visiting coach was berating three high school freshman girl officials during a U9 game recently. The AR on the touch line in front of his bench was a particular target. Eventually, the center ref, although unsure of herself and worried about the co...

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The Fourth Official 5/1/2014

John of Indianapolis, IN USA asks...

I have slated to be a Fourth Official this week-end. This is a job I am familiar with, but I have not personally done this job. I know the book answer of 'What are the Fourth Official's duties?' (Manage technical areas; manage substitutions; neutra...

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Law 5 - The Referee 3/3/2014

Lazar Savic of Melbourne, Victoria Australia asks...

Which of these falls under a referee's powers and duties.

(1) Show the Red card to team officials in the Technical Area guilty of abuse

(2) Ensure that no unauthorised person enters the field of play

(3) Act as timekeeper<...

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Law 6 - Assistant Referee 12/21/2013

kaya of basseterre, st. kitts and nevis asks...

The assistant referee has the authority to;

Send a team official who abuses you away from the Technical Area?

Ensure that no unauthorised person enters the field of play?

Act as timekeeper?

Check a substitutes equi...

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Law 5 - The Referee 11/7/2013

eve of brunswick, Australia asks...

The following items summarise your powers and duties as a referee. However we got a bit carried away and included some items that are not in the Laws. Your task is to check Law 5 (and possibly other relevant Laws) to discover which items are part of ...

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