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Law 18 - Common Sense 7/28/2021

William Meldrum of Vienna, VA USA asks...

Immediately prior to Sweden's 3rd goal against the USWNT in game 1 of the 2021 Olympics, Sweden player 1 passed to Sweden player 2. She then ran off the field, around Sweden player 2 and the USWNT defender, and re-entered the field many yards closer ...

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Mechanics 7/21/2021

DALE RIO of East Brookfield, MA United States asks...

Why did the change of the AR flag being held up on a offsides violation not instantly to later in the play?
Dale Rio...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 7/20/2021

Barry Stewart of Chilliwack, British Columbia Canada asks...

Continuing with my recordings of the 2021 Euro Cup final, here are three fouls.

The first is a clear error, I feel. The second is the correct call. The third: the no-call on Sterling's fall in the penalty area, is debatable.


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Mechanics 7/20/2021

Barry Stewart of Chilliwack, British Columbia Canada asks...

Hello again.

I found some useful clips while watching the Euro final. With the TV in PVR mode, I could rewind, then shoot the clips on my phone, then them on my website. (I hope they will play via here.)

The first three regard o...

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Law 5 - The Referee 7/15/2021

Larry of DANVILLE, CA US asks...

Law 5 states the referee “punishes the more serious offense, in terms of sanction, restart, physical severity and impact, when more than one offense occurs at the same time”. This makes since when two players are both fouling each other and you decid...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 7/13/2021

Jeremy of houston, tx usa asks...

Thank you guys for the responses. I attempted to make a diagram to show the situation.

O is the ball, arrow above it is attack direction, A is attacker, D is defender. Basically, A put the touch ...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 7/11/2021

Jeremy of houston, tx usa asks...

An attacker with ball running up their attacking third sideline, puts a touch a bit (maybe 5 yards) in front of themselves. Defender lunges in late after the touch and doesn't make contact, but the attacking player has to jump over the lunging defend...

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Law 10 - Determining the Outcome of a Match 7/10/2021

VAR fan of Bergen, Norway asks...

What's your take on the antics during the KFTPM coin tosses in the Italy - Spain semifinal?

Where would you draw the line for similar behaviour?

This is the last one for now.
Thank you so much for this wonderful resource!
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Mechanics 7/9/2021

VAR fan of Bergen, Norway asks...

Thanks for you thoughtful answers!

Re Sweden:
I'm curious, given the disagreement seen afterwards, even between referees, why this was considered a "clear and obvious error". I'm guessing this kind of incident has been mentioned in th...

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Law 14 - The Penalty kick 7/9/2021

Derek of Cary, IL USA asks...

Just wanting your opinion on the extra time penalty in the England/Denmark match.

For me it is a clear penalty. Contact was made by Maehle to the leg of Sterling, which stopped...

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