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Soccer Referee Questions on Soccer Rules

Welcome to -- a Soccer Law Question and Answer site. Providing answers to questions regarding soccer laws since October 11, 1999...

To recover You Call it answers use the .. Articles.. link button 3rd top left . NEW YOU CALL IT for MAR 2017 Only one answer in the FEB Q&A suggested the AR should not have to pay for beers after the match. A most important point all CRs should reflect.
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Law 11 - Offside 3/23/2017

RE: Youth Competitive Under 19

Nikhil M of Kansas City, Kansas USA asks...

Changes to Law 11 - Offside

An IDFK for an offside offense is taken where the offending player was at the moment the ball leaves his/her teammate's foot/body. That being said, if a long through ball is sent to an attacker who is in a offside...

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League Specific 3/23/2017

RE: Competitive Under 11

Dayne of Lincoln, California Usa asks...

In terms of rules, and laws,
Are they all based on fifa laws/us club soccer and rules no matter if your in norcal, cal north, ccsl, cysa, competitive, recreational etc

Im just confused and am hoping someone can clear this up if its all t...

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High School 3/23/2017

RE: High School High School

Rick Barns of Birmingham, AL USA asks...

a corner kick was awarded. The corner flag was in an upright vertical position and there was no wind and thereby stationary.

The AR held the top of the flag and pulled/leaned it over the end line and away from the kicker taking the kick. Th...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 3/22/2017

RE: ex pro Adult

Peter rodrigues of southampton, Hampshire United Kingdom asks...

When a player takes his shirt off during the game & gets booked but at the end of the game when they take there shirt of nothing happens. Can you explain please. Players can get booked after the final whistle, is that correct....

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Law 8 - The Start and Restart of Play 3/21/2017

RE: Recreational Adult

Jason Tom of Leesburg, Virginia USA asks...

If you kick the ball on kick off right after the referee blows the whistle. Basically you shoot the ball at the opponents goal and score on the fist kick is that a goal? ...

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Law 5 - The Referee 3/21/2017

Steve of Stockton, CA USA asks...

I have been a referee mentor in NorCal for several years, and no, there is no difference in the way NorCal and FIFA interpret and apply advantage. That being said, at U11, you are likely to have players who are still not used to playing through fouls...

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Law 15 - The Throw In 3/21/2017

RE: Usually Rec Games Under 13

Timothy Wrubel of Costa Mesa, CA United States asks...


The other day, a GU10 coach was complaining that the throws the girls were making were legal, in spite of the fact that they were ALL lifting their feet in various manners.

I waved him off, and as th...

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Law 6 - The Other Match Oficials 3/21/2017

RE: Competitive Under 15

Sam Wake of East Fremantle, Western Australia Australia asks...

Why is this wrong?
Which of the following are the duties of an assistant referee as stated in this Law. Some of the following may be duties requested by the referee, however they are not stated in this Law.?

Advise the Referee of offense...

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High School 3/20/2017

RE: Youth to adult, comp and rec.

Barry Stewart of Chilliwack, BC Canada asks...

I am glad that I don't have to ref under the rules for U.S. high school soccer. I have real trouble with a deliberate handling call for a player who covers their privates or their face just as a hard blast is directed their way from a short distance....

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 3/20/2017

RE: Rec Adult

russell of Sydney, Australia asks...

A follow up to an earlier post regarding keeper red v attacker IFK.

A foul is a foul, for sure, however, considering the personal a...

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