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Soccer Referee Questions on Soccer Rules
Welcome to all from -- a Soccer Law Question and Answer site. Providing answers to questions regarding soccer laws since October 11, 1999... to ask a question simply click on Ask the Ref in the menu bar and pose your question and the panel will reply. Those who have ideas or articles please feel free to contact the editor Richard Dawson at with suggestions.

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Law 16 - The Goal Kick 8/2/2022

RE: competitive Other

Zano Pascall of Harare, Harare Zimbabwe asks...

What decision can I give if while trying to take a goal kick the defender, who is taking the goal kick falls and in the process kicks the ball but falls and handles the ball before it leaves the penalty area?...

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Other 8/1/2022

RE: Adult

Steven Baskett of South Penrith, NSW Australia asks...


I can't remember a certain site years ago where you could downsample match game sheets or penalty kicks sheets. Also this site had tips for refereeing tips like one liners to say it was a classic. Any chance anyone has links to site with useful downdocuments for refereeing....

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Mechanics 8/1/2022

RE: Competitive Under 17

MATTHEW J PLODINEC of BRISTOW, VA United States asks...

A defender heads into a challange on his feet against an opponent in possession of the ball near midfield as the opponent is heading directly away from me (CR). The defender attempts a tackle and the attacker goes down, but from my angle, I don't see any contact and my AR doesn't give me any indication of a foul. Even had I seen the foul, I Iikely would not have played advantage. The attacking team maintains possession however, the attack fizzles out and the defense starts to build from the back. I stop play as the original attacker is still down. My initial mental note was a DB restart for the defense. However, I checked with my AR who said it was clearly a reckless foul. I award the yellow to the guilty defender. What is the correct...

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Law 11 - Offside 7/30/2022

Petr of Prague, Czech Republic Czech Republic asks...


two short questions, please.

1) The referee gives the advantage due to the SPA foul, but advantage does not ensue. Referee returns to original foul. Is it yellow card foul? I think so :-)

2) Can the referee give the advantage for offside that he delays due to VAR? I think not :-)

Thank you very much!...

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Law 11 - Offside 7/30/2022

RE: Rec Adult

Mark of Dublin, Ireland asks...

I would like the panel's opinion on the new offside advice issued recently by the IFAB

FIFA also published a number of videos which shows the advice in action. Some of the videos would not have been called offside in the recent past as they would have been viewed as deliberate plays by defenders. ...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 7/27/2022

RE: Rec

Sal of Chicago , Il Usa asks...

Defender knocks the goal backwards to disrupt or stop a dogso or promising attack. Restart and punishment?...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 7/23/2022

RE: Adult

John Shannon of Macclesfield, Cheshire United Kingdom asks...

why is the offence of obstruction not recognised any more...

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Law 2 - The Ball 7/19/2022

RE: Grass Roots Under 19

R K Hodgkiss of Nashua, NH USA asks...

I was in a sporting goods store and happened to look at the soccer balls that were for sale there.
I was surprised to see balls with texture designs in the surface of the ball that cause it not to be smooth.
I haven't seen a ruling on the use of balls like this.
Is there any information on their usage?


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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 7/16/2022

RE: Travel Under 16

Ward Weber of Grove City, OH United States asks...

Has a handball always been awarded a direct free kick?...

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Law 5 - The Referee 7/13/2022

RE: Rec Adult

Tom Williams of N/A, Prince Edward Island Canada asks...

Hi there, I have played soccer for years and watch plenty of soccer including the premier league every weekend, and I really want to know because I have never seen it, can you play an advantage in the penalty box? I feel like it’s a no but I would like your answer.

Thanks, Tom....

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Monday, August 8, 2022

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