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Soccer Referee Questions on Soccer Rules

Welcome to -- a Soccer Law Question and Answer site.

Providing answers to questions regarding soccer laws since October 11, 1999.

It is with great sadness we report that Keith Contarino is no longer with us having recently passed away to that great soccer pitch beyond! His effort and dedication to this site will be missed. Keith worked tirelessly to keep the site operational. His thousands of answers, occasionally sarcastic or witty not unlike his mentor, Chuck Fleischer, strived to always be correct within the laws of the game, to consider the spirit of those same laws and to encourage the questioner to think for themselves!

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League Specific 8/29/2014

RE: U10 Under 10

Anne Berger of Long Beach, CA USA asks...

i am almost done with the Online Referee Training. When is the soonest Training in my area to accompany the On Line Training?...

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Law 11 - Offside 8/27/2014

RE: Competitive Under 15

Aaron Speca of Virginia Beach, VA 23456 asks...

I have too much video to track down these two specific occurrences involving offsides, so I will need to recount them by memory! These occurred in Fall 2013 (I now understand that may make a difference in interpretation then versus today).


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Law 17 - Corner Kick 8/27/2014

RE: V High School

Brandon of Hurricane, WV USA asks...

I was the center for a Varsity game the other night and was working with a new referee as my AR. There was a corner kick, and his flag went up. I blew the whistle (thinking that the ball simply went out of bounds). He does a few weird things, and ...

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Law 11 - Offside 8/25/2014

RE: Adult

Mitch of Ottawa, Ontario Canada asks...

Two forwards break away and they're alone facing the goalie. The forward with the ball passes the ball to his team mate who is level with him.

Goal or offside?...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 8/25/2014

Petr Urban of Liberec, Czech Republic Czech Republic asks...

goalkeeper throws the ball to the defender. Opponent stays calmly two metres from the goalkeeper. He makes a move with his leg and intercepts this ball. Is it preventing the goalkeeper from releasing the ball into play? Is the difference, whe...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 8/24/2014

RE: amateur adult Adult

geoff of Belfast, northern ireland asks...

attacker fouled by goalkeeper {who was last man] inside penalty area , ref played advantage as attacker stayed on his feet and struck ball towards goal . the ball was about to cross the goal line when a defender cleared the ball off the goal line ! t...

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Law 4 - Players Equipment 8/24/2014

RE: rec Under 17

adam wallace of NAKAYAMA, yamagata japan asks...

regarding penalty shoot out..
if a field player goes in goal - i presume he has to change to a goalkeeping jersey.
does this have to be the same number as that he used as a field player?
(i suppose this question applies equally to during ...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 8/24/2014

RE: rec Under 13

adam wallace of NAKAYAMA, yamagata japan asks...

regarding backpass rule.
interesting situation occurred when a defender started to dribble the ball near his own goal line and away from goal.
rookie keeper dived out and grabbed the ball.
referee gave an indirect freekick..
however i...

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Mechanics 8/24/2014

RE: rec Under 19

adam wallace of NAKAYAMA, yamagata japan asks...

i have a followup question to ref wickhams i understood it as long as the ref doesnt start measuring the dist out and just tells the defence to move back then this does not become a ceremonial freekick..
ref wickhams answer indicates th...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 8/23/2014

RE: competitive Adult

Tony of Sarnia, Canada asks...

Two players are battling for a ball and one of them slips on the turf and is horizontal on the field. The ball is closest the to fallen player and he continues to play the ball with the intention of passing it to one of his teamates. Is this player...

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

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