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You-Call-It #35


Dying seconds of the second half of a u-18 match the ball goes out for a throw in in favour of the blue team! Down a goal, blue 6 was about to try and take the throw in quickly but the blue coach had 2 substitutes ready to go on! So blue 14 joined blue 6 to be substituted by blue 11 and blue 16, who receives the ball tossed to him by blue 6 and quickly takes the throw in using a powerful flip throw to hurl the ball well into the red half! The blue team secures control and quickly deposits the ball into the back of the red goal, just as the last few seconds tick away. CR looks over at his near AR who is running up the line following the CR direction that a goal was scored! The CR is contemplating to restart with a kick off as time winds down or perhaps just end the match now? When he turns to check in with the far AR, who is standing at attention at midfield, shaking his head and signalling, we need to talk. The CR checks in with the AR who says , "That was a foul throw in." The CR scoffs and says, "A flip throw is unusual but perfectly fine." The AR peeved at the attitude of the CR, shakes his head and goes, "Fine but that is not it!", as he walks away. Match ends tied 2 to 2. Red coach approaches the AR and shortly the match is later protested by red, can you think of why based only on the information you know from this situation?? Your Match, Your Decision, Your Reputation!

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