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Soccer Referee Questions on Soccer Rules

Welcome to -- a Soccer Law Question and Answer site. Providing answers to questions regarding soccer laws since October 11, 1999...

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Law 6 - Assistant Referee 5/23/2016

RE: Rec Adult

Ron Leaf of Minneapolis, MN USA asks...

If the referee did not see the deflection off the attacker's foot and whistled for a violation when the goalkeeper handled the ball, how should the assistant referee communicate to the referee that a deflection occurred (assuming that headsets are no...

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Law 13 - Free Kicks 5/22/2016

RE: Select Under 11

Trrnt of Covington, KY Kenton asks...

If the attacking team has an indirect kick from 8 yards from their scoring goal and a player runs over the stationary ball and uses the sole of their foot to roll it backwards a couple feet to a teammate and the 2nd teammate scores, should it be a go...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 5/22/2016

RE: Professional

mirorose of Kota Bharu, Kelantan Malaysia asks...

I want to know if referee can make decision base on after effect injury. Scenario are like this. If two players involve in off the ball incident, and ref at first don't give any decision (play on) because he don't see the incident but suddenly one of...

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The Technical Area 5/22/2016

RE: Rec Under 11

RoyE of Peachtree City, Georgia USA asks...

Our team had an injured player and an injury time-out was called by the ref. The opposing team's coach called his players to the sideline and coached them during the injury time out. I think this showed poor sportsmanship, but what is the rule if a...

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Law 11 - Offside 5/22/2016

RE: Competive Under 18

Sean of Davenport, FL USA asks...

My question is about the offsides rule.

I had the ball moving towards the opposing team's goal. I was well behind all the defenders. As I got to just inside the 18 I passed the ball backwards to my teammate who was also closer to the goal ...

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Law 5 - The Referee 5/21/2016

RE: competitive Under 17

benji of brisbane, qld australia asks...

1)Send a team official who abuses you away from the Technical Area.
2)Ensure that no unauthorised person enters the field of play.
3)Act as timekeeperCheck a substitutes equipment.
4)Indicate to the Referee when a player may be penalised ...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 5/21/2016

RE: Rec Adult

Mark of Hamilton, ON Canada asks...

In your response you made it clear that in this case, the intended recipient is not relevant.

What about a pass to the goalkeeper? When I referee Rec league it is similar to some youth games I've refereed, and a well planned kick goes the...

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Law 10 - Method of Scoring 5/21/2016

RE: AYSO Under 15

Graham Brown of Chicago, Il USA asks...

The ball is kicked and the goalie pushes the ball over the top of the bar and it goes behind the net and into the street, The referee awards a goal kick. The AR informs the ref that he saw the ball go under the top bar and through what he said was sm...

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Law 13 - Free Kicks 5/21/2016

RE: Select Under 15

andy singer of lexington, ma USA asks...

It seems very common for players, during an indirect kick, to basically use a method to turn it into (effectively) a direct kick.
The first player runs up and touches it and the second player then blasts the direct kick.
Is there any rule aga...

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Law 13 - Free Kicks 5/21/2016

RE: Select Under 15

andy singer of lexington, ma USA asks...

It is legitimate for a referee to stop play if a player's shoe comes off and he is bent over putting it back on in the middle of active play?
IE to protect the player's safety in a U12 game?
Also, if it is legitimate, what is the correct rest...

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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