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Soccer Referee Questions on Soccer Rules

Welcome to -- a Soccer Law Question and Answer site. Providing answers to questions regarding soccer laws since October 11, 1999...

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Law 4 - Players Equipment 9/27/2016

RE: Professional

Haji Hussain Jan of Muscat, Muscat Oman asks...

removing shirt after goal is caution to player. whats the reason behind that. can a referee caution a player going to be substituted, before he leaves the field take off his shirt. ...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 9/27/2016

RE: Under 14

Filippo of Palermo, Italy asks...

A defending player, while in his own penalty area, throws an object against the ball with his hands; the referee stops play. Most people have told me a penalty kick should be awarded, because this is no different from handling the ball (Law 12 confir...

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Law 16 - The Goal Kick 9/27/2016

RE: Premier Under 15

Eddy Santamaria of Omaha, NEbraska USA asks...

What happens if the goalie is taken the goal kick an miss-kick the ball across the PA ad stops inside the PA. Can the forward from the attacking team standing outside the PA come in a get the ball and score?...

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Law 1- The Field 9/27/2016

RE: travel Under 13

Sal Costa of Bayport, NY United States asks...

If a player deliberately removes the corner flag from the ground to take the kick, can the ref give him a yellow card. ...

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Law 4 - The Players Equipment 9/27/2016

RE: 1st division Women's Adult

Hugh MacDonald of Delta, British Columbia Canada asks...

Are there rules against women wearing metal cleats on grass fields?...

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Kicks From The Penalty mark 9/27/2016

RE: Professional

Haji Hussain Jan of Muscat, Muscat Oman asks...

in a penalty shootout team A player reduced to 10 because team B player was sent off in match. on third kick a player (team B) gets up to take the kick but can't because of stretched calf. Does team A reduce its numbers of players to 9?...

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Law 3 - The Players 9/26/2016

RE: Competitive Flight 1 Under 14

A W. of Los Angeles, CA USA asks...

I have a questions about an extra player.

My son who is U13 had a fall league game on Sunday.

Since it was a hot day, the league enforced to have a mandatory water breaks.

After the 2 minute water break during the second ha...

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High School 9/26/2016

RE: Competitive High School

Joey of Alexandria , USA asks...

I had a situation in a U14 game in which the goal keeper picked up a ball directly from an intentional back pass from a team mate, the IFK was an easy call, however, during the taking of the IFK the blue player whose team the IFK was awarded to was c...

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RE: Professional

Haji Hussain Jan of Muscat, Muscat Oman asks...

if a player gets a yellow card in a match (first Round) and after 20 minutes he is sent off for denying an obvious goal opportunity. He is suspended for next match. After his suspension is he carrying the yellow card in his record (gets a yellow in 3...

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Law 3 - Number of Players 9/25/2016

RE: Rec. Girls U15 Under 16

Elizabeth of Bay point, CALIFORNIA Usa asks...

Ive been a soccer parent for 8 year but never really paied much attention to all the soccer rules untill i became a coach to my own team U15 girls. During half time at our first game the goal keeper was changed with out notifing the two referees i no...

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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