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Q & A Regarding "VAR" or "Video Assistant"

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Law 11 - Offside 11/20/2023

George Makridis of Thessaloniki, Greece Greece asks...

Greetings from Greece. I simply want an expert's opinion on this. The link is . If you don't trust links you can search on YouTube for 'PAOK AEK goal Varela'. It is a 1:01 video from user Stavros Sountoulid...

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Mechanics 11/12/2023

Crebs Crem of Zagreb, Croatia asks...


My question is about VAR review on violent conducts and serious foul plays.

As far as I know, VAR can advise a review for violent conducts and serious foul plays even after the game has stooped and restarted.


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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 11/7/2023

Mühenned Elseyho of Onikisubat, Kahramanmaras Turkey asks...

Is such a sliding tackle true?...

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Mechanics 10/29/2023

Antonis Klidas of Athens, Greece asks...

Can you please give me your expert opinion on referee decisions in Olympique Marseille vs. AEK Athens on Thursday 26 October for the Europa League? There are two decisions that were contested:
1. Whether there was an offensive foul against AEK d...

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Mechanics 10/18/2023

Crebs Crem of Zagreb , Croatia asks...


In the following case, should VAR intervene?

Player B7 crosses the ball towards the opponent's penalty area, after B7 hits the balls, player A3 commits a late tackle and clearly fouls B7 but the referee misses the incident. ...

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Mechanics 10/2/2023

Peter Babbage of Hjorring , Denmark asks...

Regarding the VAR fiasco in the Liverpool game, if the Spurs players took the free kick for offside quickly could the VAR people have still contacted the ref and say no it was a goal....

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Mechanics 9/30/2023

AEK Fan Club Of NY of ASTORIA, NY USA asks...

Thank you for your answer. The referee was not shown the tackle on player 19, just player 12, after having awarded the penalty, for tackle on player 12.
So the question is, should the referee have also been shown the tackle on player 19, even th...

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Law 11 - Offside 9/29/2023

AEK Fan Club Of NY of ASTORIA, NY USA asks...

Several Questions from the video linked below:

1. 0349 team in blue scores a goal. The referee with the assistance of VAR and offside line claim offside.
Team in Blue said the lines were placed wrong. Instead of being on the player th...

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Mechanics 9/29/2023

AEK Fan Club Of NY of ASTORIA, NY USA asks...

Please review the video at 0:47

There were two defensive plays by the same player in red.
The player in red first tackled #19 of yellow team, no penalty given
Then tackled player 12 and penalty was given

Thru VAR the r...

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High School 9/21/2023

Chester of Fairfield, CT USA asks...

In a US varsity high school match a penalty kick was awarded in a two man system. My partner proceeded to run it, gave the ball to the kicker to place on the spot, and proceeded to tell the goal keeper to have at least one foot on the line until the ...

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