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Soccer Rules Changes 1580-2000

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Law 1 - The Field of Play

Laws related to the Field of Play give the referee guidance on the the layout of the field including field surface, field markings, dimensions, the goal area, the penalty area and the corner area. In addition it describes the requirements for the flagposts, the technical area, goals, goal line technology, commercial advertising, logos and emblems and areas used by Video Assistant Referees (VAR's).

Law 1- The Field
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Law 1- The Field 6/12/2019

Mike of Ontario, CA USA asks...

Background: Soccer game on a multi-use field (football/soccer). Soccer crossbar is directly (one foot) under the football crossbar.

Attacker's shot is deflected by GK and the ball hits the football crossbar and the ball bounces down and the...

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Law 1- The Field 5/8/2019

Jeff Rockow of Flagstaff, Arizona USA asks...

In youth soccer at the 7v7 level, the Center Circle and Penalty Arc are typically 8 yards in radius. Does it make sense that the optional marks (hash marks) also be placed 8 yards from the corner - as opposed to the LOTG stipulation of 10 yards? Perh...

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Law 1- The Field 5/6/2019

Doug Crawford of Oakland, CA US asks...

Hello - Curvy goal line results in off angle goal posts.
When I checked the goal post position and the netting I did not notice this. I was AR, and later, 30 yards away, standing lined up with the goal posts for a corner kick, I realized that th...

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Law 1- The Field 4/20/2019

Joshua of Grande Prairie, AB Canada asks...

How many flag posts are needed in a game?...

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Law 1- The Field 8/31/2018

John of Ireland , Ireland Ireland asks...

Hi, i just reffed a game on a field that had some AstroTurf on it, one strip in one box (penalty spot) and the goal area and penalty spot in the other box. Is that permitted? I know that the laws allow for a hybrid system if the competition allows fo...

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Law 1- The Field 8/21/2018

kenneth blair of aberdeen, Scotland asks...

well guys sorry you all missed it but Kepa when walking to his goal before the coin toss you can see him drag his foot outside the 18yrd box in the middle he continues to the goal line puts his back to the goal looks left and right makes sure he is i...

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Law 1- The Field 7/30/2018

bob of los angeles, ca usa asks...

if a field uses those corner flags that are spring loaded with a base, that causes the flag to bend back and forth with the wind rather than standing straight upright, what should the referee allow if the flag is in the way of a corner kicker?

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Law 1- The Field 7/30/2018

Barry Stewart of Chilliwack, BC Canada asks...

At least in our area, the gridiron football uprights can be pivoted 180º, so they are not anywhere near the soccer crossbar. Others should check into this option.

I now carry a roll of rope in my ref bag, so it can be be used as a pulling d...

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Law 1- The Field 7/18/2018

Ron of Minneapolis, Minnesota USA asks...

The goal posts are positioned 6 inches behind the goal line, and can not be moved to the correct position on the goal line. For a penalty kick under these circumstances, should the goalkeeper be required to remain on a line between the goal posts, o...

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Law 1- The Field 6/23/2018

paul of ocala, FL US asks...

What determines the location of a foul if it occurs at the edge of the penalty box. If a defender is inside the box but the ball and attacker are outside and the defender reaches across the line and pulls the attacker down, is that a PK? Reversing ...

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