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AskTheRef (tm) (ATR) was founded by soccer fanatic, Mark Sprenger (Marko) for the purpose of expanding the understanding of the game of soccer and allowing people to have fun while learning the application of soccer rules. To learn where the idea came from visit Mark Sprenger's profile. AskTheRef is designed to provide fun and UNOFFICIAL advice to the coaching community, the officiating community, the players and the player's parents and fans. Unofficial means that our panel members can give answers to your questions in a timely manner without pressure. We strive to be correct 100% of the time -- we do, however, make mistakes. Our system allows us to humble ourselves and change answers when we find we are in error which does not happen very often ;). We dont mind at all if you folks catch us making mistakes - just let us know, be kind we are volunteers, and we will make corrections. policy on Copyrights

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