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Mr Ref

RED #3 on a caution earlier in the match for a reckless foul
commits a 2nd cautionable foul by tactically pulling the jersey of GREEN #12 well outside the PA to the left of goal near the touchlines, however, GREEN #12
pulls free after stumbling appears to be unharmed then carries on the
obvious attack as the referee has decided to apply the advantage. The
ball is relayed to the right side where another onside GREEN attacker #5 is in on
goal but is effectively challenged by the RED goalkeeper forcing GREEN #5 to go around and shoot to the far left corner. RED 3 is now there covering around
behind the RED goalkeeper and stops the ball entering the goal by diving to
kick the ball away. Referee sees that GREEN #12 is onside and has a chance to shoot the rebound, so he holds off on his whistle but GREEN #12 fires the ball over the crossbar. How do you call it? Your Match Your Decision Your Reputation

Some great responses but the use of the word SHOULD rather than could force me to remind all who respond that the new version of the LOTG dictate although we CAN apply advantage on a 2nd caution or direct red card, and that although we need be very aware of the situation and the immediate effect on play if a goal is not scored. Our use of advantage should never be burdened with what might NOT occur. Given the advantage was realized in the continued attack and the pass resulted in a great shot the EXTRA intervention by the RED 3 who is DUE to be sent off for receiving 2 cautions in a single match has KICKED the ball away and stopped an OBVIOUS goal scoring opportunity, However as he used his feet (not his hands) despite the fact he is going to be sent off it is NO longer a DOGSO possibility even though it will be an INDFK for RED #3s unfair intervention. Now once again as referee he waits a moment to see where that rebound goes, sees GREEN #12 opportunity but watches sadly as the shot wafts over the crossbar. So can we cancel that INDFK intervention by RED #3 as the opportunity to score a second time was present but missed by GREEN #12? Perhaps you are considering the GREEN guys just blew it and are inclined to award a goal kick? Sorry No, you are being far too lenient to our match destroyer here as holding off on the whistle to await an outcome is different than a true signaled and recognized advantage which the referee COULD have done earlier at the shirt pull

RED #3 has injected his presence into the match even after he was due to be sent off and denied a goal for which we cannot punish with a PK restart as his foot is used exactly as a player should and he is NOT yet sent off! The correct call here is to award GREEN an INDFK from where RED #3 intervened to stop the first shot subject to the special circumstances of the goal area show the yellow card then show the red card to RED #3 sending him off and reducing his team by a player.

As the players congregate around you, as you try to set up the INDFK at the edge of the goal are, where the players are all hussy and frustrated remind yourself although you could have stopped play long ago outside the PA for a DFK and shown RED#3 the door earlier, you did your BEST to see if the attack COULD succeed! Although FIFA reminds you why it is risky, it is not wrong to do so!

12.9 Advantage played for a red card offence and player then becomes involved Additional text Advantage should not be applied in situations involving serious foul play, violent conduct or a second cautionable offence unless there is a clear opportunity to score a goal. The referee must send off the player when the ball is next out of play but if the player plays the ball or challenges/interferes with an opponent, the referee will stop play, send off the player and restart with an indirect free kick.
Laws of the Game 2016/17 | Law changes 2016/17
Explanation Clarifies that on the rare occasion that a referee plays advantage for a RC offence (only if a goal-scoring opportunity is imminent) if the RC player then becomes involved in play, the game must be stopped as it would be against ‘fair play’ if the player scored, contributed to a goal or stopped the opponents scoring.


Simon from Mossman queensland Australia Referee
Stop play, dismiss him for the 2nd yellow card offence (committed when he tactically pulled the jersey of GREEN #12 well outside the PA), and re-start with an IDFK where the ball was when you stopped play (when he blocked the shot at goal – so presumably on edge of goal area). This is an event proscribed in the supplement to the supplementary guide to the changes to the 17 Laws (p. 113 & 144/5), when you had allowed advantage – but that player becomes involved in play again.

Russell Sydney Australia Referee
IDFK to attacking team from location of RED 3 where they blocked the goal bound shot. If inside the goal area, restart location is subject to standard goal area conditions. RED 3 is off to get first use of all the hot water in the sheds. The shirt pull is a caution foul irrespective of the location or any potential of DOGSO being a factor. It would be a card event if it was back at halfway near the sideline. GREEN team will probably not be too impressed about the IDFK restart, thinking a penalty kick is on offer, so keep a handle on any dissent / objections that go too far. We are advised that play must stop immediately if a player who has committed either; serious foul play, violent conduct or a second bookable foul, becomes involved in play during a phase of advantage play following their misnomeanour. In this scenario, RED 3 now has a second card (that will be shown once the ball is out of play/stopped) yet becomes involved during the advantage play. As there is no physical foul against a player as such, the restart is an IDFK.

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