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High School 10/18/2022

DAVID LOVETT of ROYAL PALM BEACH, FL United States asks...

At the taking of a penalty kick, the kick is taken in accordance with the laws so all is well so far. Then, the ball hits the crossbar and deflates. What is the proper restart? I seem to find answers that only pertain to the ball becoming flat during...

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League Specific 10/17/2022

Richard evans of Redditch, Eorcs Uk asks...

The league is trialling the no heading rule for the U12.

On Saturday the attacking team won a corner and from the resulting corner a defender jumped and headed the ball which flew into the net.

The rule is that deliberate headin...

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High School 9/27/2022

William Stoneman of Fairfield, ca usa asks...

In the old USSF "Advice for Referees" publication. A ball hanging a tree hanging over the field was still in play. If it stayed inbounds after hitting the tree. At a field with a tree over hanging tree. A team member was insisting that it was out...

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Character, Attitude and Control 9/26/2022

Adrienne kalaw of Yuba city, Ca USA asks...

Firstly Thank you for all your responses I am definitely taking all of your opinions inconsideration. Update
From my goalies parent who was down he was being held down by another opponents cleat to the back of his leg and other players pushing h...

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Law 8 - The Start and Restart of Play 4/8/2022

Petr of Prague, Czech Republic Czech Republic asks...

To question 32867, Mr Dawson answered:

'There are times when a ball goes out of play and we are unclear who last touched it so we award a goal kick corner or throw in based on our gut or we decided in cases where we simply have to guess WE...

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High School 3/12/2022

Mark Krawiec of Rocklin, CA USA asks...

Here's the clip

first in full speed, then full speed zoomed in, and 1/2 speed.

You make the call and what's your reasoning?


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High School 1/22/2022

Truitt of Phelan, Californua Usa asks...

Our league only uses one referee no line judges. Normally fine but in yesterdays game the ball was clearly out of bounds by more than 6 feet. Everyone was yelling it’s out of bounds way out. The kids basically stopped but the referee never called it ...

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High School 12/20/2021

Mark of Eugene, Oregon USA asks...

Player A committed a reckless foul on Player B. Before I had the chance to whistle for the foul, Player B intentionally kicked Player A's legs in retaliation for the foul, to which I gave Player B a RC for VC. I gave him the RC immediately first beca...

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High School 11/11/2021

Will of Madison, Ct USA asks...

The goalie is holding the ball in the box when a player on the other team bumps into him. There is a confrontation that results in the goalie pushing the player as he walks away. Though the goalie only uses one hand the player goes fling in the air. ...

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High School 11/2/2021

JC of Lacrosse, WI USA asks...

Had an incident recently where a player put his head at waist height, maybe a little lower, to get a touch on a bouncing ball. At the same moment, maybe a little before or a little after, an opposing player kicked the ball and made slight contact wit...

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