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Chuck Fleischer ( HALL OF FAME)

Vacaville California USA

First Appearance:7/4/2002

First Year Licensed:'83 ayso '88 ussf
License Level:USSF Grade 05 Emeritus

Additional Associations:

Jan. 2, 1945 - April 25, 2009

Maj. Charles W. Fleischer, Jr. (USMC, Ret.) of Vacaville, CA lost his fight with cancer early Saturday morning, April 25, but to the very end he fought like a Marine.

Chuck, our Dad, was born in Douglas, Arizona to a then Army Air Corps family. Because his father continued to serve his country after World War II, Chuck saw a lot of the world growing up, but even that was not enough, for in 1967, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.

To see the rest of the world, he earned his wings as a helicopter pilot - CH-46s - fought for his country in Vietnam and then continued to "defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic."

While serving as a career officer in the Marine Corps, he lived in Southern California, Texas, Georgia, Hawaii, North Carolina, and Okinawa. Chuck ultimately retired in Hawaii in 1986 as a major.

He was awarded a Silver Star, a Distinguished Flying Cross, and a Purple Heart while serving in Vietnam.

In his retirement he went back to the game of his youth, Football (soccer). He began refereeing and earned quite a reputation for requiring all (including parents) to abide by the laws of the game. During the course of his refereeing career, he not only refereed games here in the United States, but refereed games internationally - some five thousand games in all. And when he was not out on the Football Pitch, Chuck would fix anything. He loved to tinker, to work on his cars and remodel his house. He even loved to sail, but most of all, he loved to fly.

In addition to his wife, Liga, Chuck is survived by his father, Lt. Col. Charles W. Fleischer, Sr. (USAF, Ret); sister, Gretchen L. Fleischer; brother, Jeff D. Fleischer; two sons, Charles W. Fleischer, III, married to Dace Fleischer, their daughter and his grand daughter, Veronika M. Fleischer; and Alexander R. Fleischer.

Maj. Charles W. Fleischer, Jr. (USMC, Ret.) will be interred at the Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia. Arrangements are under the direction of McCune Garden Chapel 448-6546.

I grew up in the world of a military officer and travelled extensively with my family. I learned about Football beginning in 1954 on an island called Bermuda. I played for my school and when not playing or listed as a substitute found myself running lines. The bug bit hard. In 1977 eldest my son began to play. I was volunteered to coach his team, something about the other coach not knowing anything about the game. The team contributed massively to the goals for column of every other side on the table. We seemed to avoid scoring them but had fun anyway. The next year was a different story, we found scoring goals was loads more fun than letting them score all the time.

Once I retired from the Marines I found refereeing was a pretty good way to supplement my income, to keep fit and have fun. There was the occasional lousy game and the occasional screaming coach and the occasional spectator that really didn't have a clue. I advanced quickly after being licensed by USSF, passed the test on Thursday and Sunday a Men's Amateur match for a start. Didn't even have a badge to wear but somehow I struggled through and convinced the players that having fun didn't involve fouling their opponents. That was, and is, how I view The Game. Much to my surprise I was advanced the next year, without testing, physical or written and not assessed. I just went up a grade, much to the chagrin of a lot of folks around here. All of a sudden I thought there was a future in The Game for this old Marine. In short order I was a Grade 05 and rated way up there. I thought becoming a National was possible but my knees thought otherwise. I did and they didn't, oh well...

I came to AskTheRef because I thought I could make a difference. There is so much bad information being broadcast by so many people I thought this would be place to get out the word. It's really frustrating to find how many folks are willing to demonstrate their ignorance about The Game by telling others how much they "know". I looked at other "Chat" sites and found a Nom d' plume hiding their identity so mistakes were not traceable. I liked the idea AskTheRef was a place to go to get an answer, a place where opinions could be offered and, above all, a place to help out a bit.

Hobbies and General Interest

I seemed to be a general nuisance. I sailed my boat, maintained my autos, built (at a slow pace) my home, generally helped out others where or when I could, Traveled as often as possible, tried to referee when I got there. Then there is the football

Favorite Quote

From Charles Gregory Lane, my first coach: Dribble till you feel the net 'round your ears then have a go. From an anonymous helicopter pilot: Loose not thy turns lest the Earth rise up and smite thee.

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