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Question Number: 28708

Mechanics 9/7/2014

RE: Rec Under 11

Jay LaFountain of Coldwater, MI USA asks...

Hello again!

Thanks for the wonderfully long answers to my question and all the extra advice.

Yesterday I did my first match as AR. In preparation I have been studying the laws of the game, well, way too much. But anyway, a situation came up where a kid in U8 headed the ball. In our league, that is considered 'Playing in a dangerous manner' as is slide tackling (unless there's a DFK foul to go along with the slide, of course). So the ref blew the whistle and gave a penalty kick. Now, I know that PIADM is a IFK foul and so you can't give a penalty kick for that no matter what.

I corrected the referee and the restart became an IFK.

My question is, what is the best way to communicate with your center as an AR when a wrong restart is going to happen, or any other rules error is being made?

As a center, what do you like your ARs to do?

Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Hi Jay,
Very cool to hear your first time went well. We are pleased to be of help thanks for the kind words!
Hmm a header is PIADM in this league?? Well good on you for knowing the proper ROC (rules of competition) within that u little league. You spotted something the referee was about to do contrary to the laws such as they were modified and you provided him with the information so he could correct his actions. Well done, yet you now ask how to do this? Well you just did it, so you tell me how! lol

We do not WANT to deliberately embarrass our colleague nor call attention by screaming over the field! What we NEED to do is have a quiet word in the ear and share something important with our referee in the middle about to go south for the winter unbeknownst to him. Even with new officials, EYE contact with each other after ANY stoppage, smile thumps up = good, frown thumbs down = bad, head bob = yes head shake = no, step into the field and cup a hand in a come here motion, if you must you can raise the flag give a waggle or point to mouth indicating lets talk. Remember though you are sharing information, you are not telling the referee what to do.
If there is a bad situation or trouble like a fight on the touchline problems with abuse that a referee is not aware and say the other AR is trying to get the referees attention we can mirror a raised flag to support the other AR and point over to that AR if the referee happens to be looking our way. Failing good communication and in the event of no beepers or radios just yell! HEY REF We NEED you here NOW!
PS When you get really adapt at eye contact try these two discreet signals
a tap on the top front shirt pocket = that was a caution yellow in your opinion; a tap on the back short pocket = a send off red in your opinion.
When I do run the flag for the newer referees I try to send them as much information as I can without causing them to defer to my judgement. As AR we assist not insist but in any position AR 4th or center, as an official, we are a team working together!

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Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Jay
It is all about good communication with referees. As a referee I like ARs to make good eye contact and a signal that all us well or unwell. That can be a shake of the head or thumps up. If the AR has seem something that I have missed I want him to beckon me across either by signal or voice.
If required a flag can be raised which will require the referee to come across to find the reason if it is not plainly obvious to him the reason for this.
It is always a good idea for ARs to ask the referee before the game in the pre match discussion as to how he wants to deal with these situations.

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