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Question Number: 30079

League Specific 2/4/2016

RE: Select Under 13

Matt of Bristow, VA USA asks...

A coach is coaching two teams at adjacent fields simultaneously. Due to his conduct, he is instructed to leave the field by the referee for match A. If this scenario is not addressed by competition rules, would the coach be allowed to remain on the far sideline of match B and 'coach' his players from there? If the technical areas for the two matches are clearly marked can he move to the technical area for match B as long as he doesn't 'coach' match A?

Related question - visiting coach of a U12 travel team is sent off and there are no remaining credentialed adults to take over his coaching/supervision duties. Again, the situation is not addressed in competition rules. Do you continue the match with a non-credentialed parent or abandon the match?

I ask, because had a coach not heeded my verbal warning, I would have had to send him off and faced with the first two questions.

My answers are A) He could remain on the far sideline of the other match and would be free to spectate/coach but would not be allowed to communicate electronically with anybody in the technical area and would also be barred from taking advantage of that position to spectate/coach match A. B) A little dicier, but if there was not another credentialed coach, I would allow it if not prohibited by competition rules and if he did not communicate with folks in Match A. C) If there was no credentialed coach available and none would be available in a reasonable time frame, I would continue the match with a non-credentialed coach and annotate it in my game report. The focus is on the players and they have the right to participate in the match if at all possible regardless of the actions of their coach. However, if the travel distance was minimal, I might abandon the match as it could be replayed with minimal expense to the players/parents.

Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Matt
Rules of competition do not cover outlier situations. It would be premised that there would be one team with one technical staff.
Now there are a few principles in here that would apply in general
1. Once a coach is ejected it is required that he would be removed from the pitch and surrounds to a distance that he can no longer interfere with the game.
2. At underage it is expected that a team would have the required number of responsible adults in place to manage the players. In our leagues it is a minimum of two and without two team officials the game does not proceed or it ends when one designated person has to leave either voluntarily or is ejected and cannot be replaced.
While we are always keen to ensure that games proceed for those participating we also have a responsibility to ensure that ROCs and CP guidelines are adhered to. In the case of an incident after the ejection of a coach the referee would need to ensure that he is fully protected and not open to any complaint. I would certainly err on the side of caution which would mean that if the ROC or CP rules could not be adhered to the game ends. It is easier to deal with a committee on a technical rules issue rather than an irate parent when something untoward has happened to a player with a coach / responsible adult not present.
Personally I think that a coach should only be on one technical staff roster in the same as a player. If he removed he takes no further part, in the same way as a player could not go to another adjacent pitch to continue playing. I have never seen if happen, certainly not in a competitive 11 v 11 situation whatever about small sided games with adjacent pitches. In those cases it is not competitive and it can be handled differently.

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Hi Matt,
coaching two teams at the same time can not say I am a big fan of that idea. If he is expelled from the surrounding area he likely can not remain to coach the other team either. To think he could remain unagitated and coach his 2nd team not saying or doing anything to create issues for the 1st team sounds like an improbable arrangement.

The ROC especially at smaller venues are not well prepared for highly unusual situations or finding improbable solutions to them when they arise.
I do know if the team is a SCHOOL team quite possibly there MUST be valid certified adults to supervise with the kids or the match is over .

Under normal circumstances I would think a willing parent , the trainer equipment manager, a first aid personal must also be there to fill in for a coach who is expelled from the FOP. The youth protection criteria must be adhered to. If there are conditional guidelines then the referee must follow the procedures laid out.

I get we want the kids to have their fun and often travel and time and the need to get the match in weigh heavily on the practical side . Yet you are responsible and accountable for their safety expect repercussions if you fail even accidently or by trying to do the right thing. Do not misunderstand you can apply some common sense to get a match completed just be wary of leaving an opening for someone to cause you to regret it! As my colleague points out a few hmms and raised eyebrows over your technical decision to follow guideline's is better than say a adult less team breaks into a fight trying to say who substitutes or an opposing player is severely injured in a ugly tackle with no adult supervision in effect.

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