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Question Number: 30157

Law 10 - Method of Scoring 3/1/2016

RE: Rec Adult

Greg Watkins of AUSTIN, TX United States asks...

A situation arose last night where I felt a goal was awarded illegally, but I needed to ask the professionals!

'Blue' attacker was tripped in the penalty area. The center referee was a little quick on the whistle and blew for a PK. Right at that moment when the whistle blew, the same 'Blue' attacker on the ground was able to continue his effort and kicked the ball into the goal. However the ball crossed the goal line AFTER a second or two the whistle had blown. The AR called the center over (I was the trailing AR on the far side), and after a discussion they awarded the goal.

At halftime we had a debate because I felt you could not award a goal in that situation. The ball did not cross over the goal line while in play (the ref had blown the whistle dead). It was unfortunate for the 'Blue' team, but I felt after the whistle was blown you had to go through with the PK. You can't change the restart and award a goal in that case. His argument is that it was more advantageous for the attacking team to be awarded a goal, and since it was the same attacker on the ground that scored it, that the center was able to change his call. I disagreed and stated I would ask here for confirmation so we get it right next time.

I know you can change a restart before the ball is in play again, but I don't feel like you can award a goal in this situation. Please advise. Thanks!

Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Hi Greg,
appreciate the vote of confidence but no one here claims to be a professional just well read and trained volunteers. You are spot on mate.
Play was officially stopped when the CR blew the whistle.
The correct restart is to award the PK , disallow the goal!
You mentioned tripped but did the foul fit DOGSO criteria or was reckless or excessive?
I recall a North American league match between Vancouver Whitecaps and I think the Winnipeg Fury a young referee made a critical blunder but sold it to the players who like in your situation rationalized it as ok. The ball was shot towards goal, defender deliberately handled the ball it bounced off the arm and was redirected into the goal by another attacker just a moment after he had whistled for the PK. Confusion abounded, he spent sometime with his AR no doubt thinking about the situation but ultimately decided to award the goal (I have forgotten if he did even caution the defender for USB) . The team happy they got the goal the other team happy no send off. It was a totally incorrect decision as it was clear on video the ball had not crossed the goal line prior to the whistle but nothing came of it except he was raked over the coals for doing so in post game review!

In 2006 Champions League final held in Paris it was the Norwegian referee Terje Hauge who acted too hastily in sending off Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann in the Champions League final against Barcelona. Lehmann saw red after 18 minutes in Paris following a challenge on Barcelona striker Samuel Eto'o The loose ball fell to Ludovic Giuly, who slotted it into an empty net.

The suggestions that Hauge should have used the advantage rule, given the goal and allowed Lehmann to stay on the pitch cannot be condoned because the whistle had sounded BEFORE the goal was scored. A prime example of WHY you wait a second or two even on clear PK or DFK situations as the ball in the back of the net is ALWAYS a good outcome.

PS see 30158

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Answer provided by Referee Gary Voshol

Yup, goof-up on the part of the ref and other AR.

You probably should have gotten the ref's attention and pointed out your interpretation. Assisting, not insisting - but if you said nothing, you didn't assist. Not sure it would have made any difference, since you couldn't convince the ref at halftime either.

Now in the larger scheme of things in a recreational game it really doesn't make a difference. But if it had been in a 'real' game where the crew was being assessed the assessor might have had a question for you about why you didn't speak up.

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