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Question Number: 32320

Kicks From The Penalty mark 3/18/2018

RE: local Adult

dc galias of sorsogon, philippines asks...

during penalty kicks..the kicker kicks the ball..the gk saves the ball and bounced it in the ground...but the ball rolled in the it awarded as a goal??

Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Yes a goal is awarded. Regular visitors to the site will know that this question is asked regularly due to myths that exist out there about penalty kicks.
Here are a series of videos
All goal were correctly awarded.
Law 14 makes no distinction to ball direction nor the time taken for the ball to cross the line. The kicker may not touch the ball for a second time yet if the momentum imparted by the kick carries the ball over the line despite touching the goalkeeper, the frame of the goal, ground or any combination of same in any order or direction the goal is good.
Law 14 states and I quote ** The penalty kick is completed when the ball stops moving, goes out of play or the referee stops play for any offence.**
There is nothing new in this and the current law wording as quoted has had many wordings over the years since it was first introduced in the Laws as a Decision after a clarification going back to the World Cup of 1986 in a game between Brazil and France that went to KFTPM.
At 5.36 in the video #16 France - Bruno Bellone takes the penalty and it hits the post and rebounds off the post and hits goalkeeper for entering the goal. The referee correctly awards the goal. This did cause a fuss at the time and afterwards by a miffed Brazilteam. As you can see Brazilian players questioning the referee yet IFAB ruled later that the referee was 100% correct and improved the Law 14 wording so that there could be no ambiguity. The BBC English commentary team at the time of John Motson and the late Jimmy Hill did not help the viewing public. The commentator John Motson got it correct by saying it was a goal while Jimmy Hill, highly respected in the game and having a good knowledge of the Laws, was less convincing talking about a miss and having to go into the goal directly. Such comments start myths as no one bothers to follow up when the correct decision is actually confirmed. The goal was good then and it is still a good goal today.

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

as of now it would be a goal yet there is a movement underway to alter this fact.

Different people in charge of the game at the top will press their views once they obtain influence and power.

As the current format of the LOTG for PKS has referees aware that
ONCE the kick is sent towards the goal the keeper must either gain ball possession & control , the ball must go out into touch or the momentum of the ball is zero or negative with no energy to find its way under the crossbar between the posts over the goal line.

WE currently allow any form of a rebound off ground, keeper, crossbar or goal posts in ANY order if by someway the ball winds up inside the goal across the line we have a goal.

Under the newer thoughts if the ball is halted on its way into the goal via post or crossbar or a save where the ball is knocked away from the goal initially the fact the ball might later backspin or deflect its way in to the goal could be discounted . They are also talking about removing the encroachment concept. The encroachment problem could be removed by making every penalty kick a ‘kick from the penalty mark’ i.e. the kicker either scores or it is missed/saved. If the kick is not successful, the referee would stop play and award a goal kick. If the kick is successful the result would a kick off for a goal. NO follow up shots! Thus there will be only the onus on the keeper to hold his goal line and for the kicker he MIGHT even be able to dribble the ball never mind just kick it.
It is an opinion of course whether we need these changes but I feel that something's are not going to stay the same!


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