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Question Number: 32625

Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 8/4/2018

RE: Rec Adult

Russell of Sydney, Australia asks...

This question is a follow up to question 32616

'Double dribble/touch' ?

I am not as conflicted as Nick from Nova Scotia regarding the 'release' from the keeper, although I do see how he can see both sides of the debate.

Ref McHUGH feels that in his opinion, the keeper was going to drop kick the ball.

I am not as convinced he was going to drop kick the ball. Without watching the full match to possibly see the style of kick this keeper employs in these situations, how do I know what type of kick was about to be used.

There are plenty of keepers who use a similar action of a 'drop kick' however, the ball is kicked without it bouncing. Jordan Pickford of Everton/England uses a very similar style of low trajectory kick often.

And who needs a full match anyway, as upon the first use of this kind of kick, how am I to know if it is going to be 'drop kick'. I need to decide there and then.

I feel that once the ball has left the hands, the ball has left the possession, except that we accept that where there is clearly going to be kick (as in this instance), the possession is not over until a kick ensues.

But there was not a kick !

There was a suggestion the keeper 'kind of lost control'. How is that different to lost possession?
If we agree that if a keeper somehow in bouncing the ball, manages to have it hit their foot and it rolls away and they regather it " that is a double touch " how is 'kind of lost control' different.

What if this keeper only ever intended to roll the ball out to a player, but at the last moment, decided not too, but was too late to stop the his arm moment of his throw and in attempting to stop the roll out, he tried to pull the arm up (I'm sure you can imagine what I mean), however, the ball loops up into the air, falls to the ground and he regathers the ball. Is that a double touch?

If VAR is to check for any infringement by the a scoring team in the lead up to a goal " then VAR has rightfully suggested the Ref have another look.

While I may not fully agree with the comments by Ref McHUGH and Dawson on the IDFK, there is still much in their replies (as always) to ponder on and keep in the knowledge bank.

Maybe this is all just my opinion, just as it is that of Ref McHugh and there is the possible overall out take of this incident " the ITOOTR :)

All that said, totally agree that the nice bit of skill by the Blue 20 deserved a goal :(

Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Russell
I think that we as referees should only look for deliberate breaches of the Law. It is in the opinion of the referee yet it smacks somewhat of VAR interference and not in the spirit of the game.
What were the CR and AR watching when it first happened in real time? Did it look sufficiently okay to not penalise. Without VAR the call would have been a goal yet with VAR plays gets brought all the way back from one end of the field with a goal disallowed to an IDFK at the other end.
On VAR I have no doubt this will have looked questionable through slow motion and zoom in and it will have looked like something that needed to be called.

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Hi Russell,
sorry I hold the opinion this was an excuse to find a fault not a good reason or clear violation of the LOTG to undue a great goal. As I often point out when you freeze frame or stop and play frame by frame it enhances the perception of how we view an incident. I can grasp that the LOTG state there is punishment for the 2nd touch incidents but I remind you the IFAB expects the referee to make a decision within the 'spirit' of the game – this often involves asking the question, "what would football want/expect?" I think we are bowing to the handling climate of lets just call everything to prevent us possibly missing anything for convenience of uniformity, not adherence to the law! The LOTG state he has 6 seconds and is allowed to bounce the ball and we are EXPLICITLY told to avoid finding fault in trifling or doubtful situations. I have no issues with VAR commenting on an unseen violation but I think their opinion THERE WAS A VIOLATION & this caused the referee to award that foul which is why we question what HE or AR ( I saw no flag) thought/saw before? I STLL maintain there was more of a DFK from the actual release then an INDFK from the bobble/pickup!
Not a chance in hell would I bring back the blue goal for a 2 touch violation by the keeper.

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