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Question Number: 32638

Kicks From The Penalty mark 8/11/2018

RE: Rec Adult

Andrew of Sydney, NSW Australia asks...

This question is a follow up to question 32637

Determining the outcome of a match and kicks from the penalty follow up question.

Where the player had his socks down around his ankles and the opposition were making a fuss and the referee asked the player to correct his equipment is the referee technically correct to rule that the kicker delayed the kick from the penalty mark and then the kick should be forfeited and mark as not scored?

Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Andrew
Thanks for the follow up. The kick is only forfeited if the kicker has left the field of play and he does not return in time to take a kick.
In this instance the referee, to deal with the fuss, may ask the player to correct his equipment by putting back in shin pads which should be close at hand as the game has just finished. The referee will allow time for that to happen. The referee could caution the player for delaying the kick if he felt that the player was being unreasonable or taking an inordinate amount of time or more likely dissenting the request.
As I said in the original answer the AR can head off any of that by ensuring the players stood in the centre circle are properly attired and asking any players that are not to deal with it.
Anyway it is not a situation that is going to challenge many referees and I have never had any experience of that with many KFTPMs. It is even unlikely that the players or opponents will know the detail of Law 4 in respect of KFTPM and as it is a safety matter in the game it is not a factor in KFTPM.
Law 10 states ** unless otherwise stated, the relevant Laws of the Game apply**. It might be used as gamesmanship such as questioning ball placement yet the referee should rule decisively such as in the example cited by Referee Dawson and allow the player to take the kick.
What the question does highlight is that referees need to know the Law and manage the KFTPM professionally and with authority. That means following Law 10 as written. I make a special point of speaking to both GKs before the kicks to tell them what I expect with no gamesmanship etc. I look to ensure that the players are in the centre circle and try to note anything untoward. Equipment will be very low on the list as the referee will be concerned about other more important parts. Indeed the players will be thinking about their kick rather than concerning about shin pads.
Final point is that great phrase in the Laws ** The Laws cannot deal with every possible situation, so where there is no direct provision in the Laws, The IFAB expects the referee to make a decision within the 'spirit' of the game – this often involves asking the question, 'what would football want/expect?'
It will expect the kick to be taken and the result to be determined rather than fuss about whether a player is wearing shin pads.

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

HI Andrew,
I think not
while we can do certain things IF necessary lets not look to find ways to do so if it has no real bearing on the match itself. I have never in all my years as referee seen a need or a reason or had a request to ensure shin guards were on at KFTPM. As my colleague states this could be addressed at the centre circle. Certainly on a regular PK they must! As to a request if one was made the referee could demand the player respond and only a really obtuse player would fight it tooth and nail. They might think it a bit anal but that is their right as player to think what they want as long as they do what the referee requests.

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Answer provided by Referee Peter Grove

Hi Andrew,
No, the referee would not be technically correct to mark the penalty as missed. The relevant part of the law states that:

''Kicks from the penalty mark must not be delayed for a player who leaves the field of play. The player's kick will be forfeited (not scored) if the player does not return in time to take a kick''

This is not the scenario as described here.

There is an old saying that a referee should not go looking for trouble. In other words, a referee should not be trying find excuses to penalise players, especially when it would be in a way that is not commensurate with the (perceived) offence. I would say that a referee who would think of trying to deprive a team of an opportunity to score a penalty and thereby materially affect their chances of winning a match over such an issue would, as ref McHugh suggests, not be acting within the spirit of the game.

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