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Question Number: 33471

Law 18 - Common Sense 6/22/2019

RE: old man-50 years ago a goalkeeper

John J. O'Hara of Berlin, NJ United States asks...

I have no other place to rant so here goes. 1. I'm getting a little tired of hearing Lalas going on about goalkeepers cheating.Oh to be a 25 year old referee with a pocket full of yellow and red cards for diving-not so much in the women's game but definitely in men's-NEYMAR. And how about the players that move up the same time as their penalty kicker.2. Some woman in England wants the goal size changed because women are shorter. I'm all for women making the same amount of money as men. I'm all for federations giving the same amount of support to women as they do for men.But if you seek equality then deal with the same size goal as EVERYBODY does. Size of goal didn't do much to stop that little Mexican goalkeeper from the last two World Cups from putting on a spectacular show. He happened to be shorter than some of the women in the WWC.OK, I'm done. Thank you for an opinion.

Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi John
The world is full of opinions. Some informed, some not. Some with an agenda, some without.
As to goal size I am of the view that when it gets to adult Women's games it does not really matter.
It is the same for both sides.

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Answer provided by Referee Peter Grove

Hi John,
As you say, there is one woman (Chelsea coach Emma Hayes, surprisingly) asking whether the goals should be made smaller for women. To the best of my knowledge, there is no widespread support for this idea elsewhere within the game (I've already seen where a number of current and former women players are vehemently opposed to the idea) and I would be quite surprised to see it happen.

One of the most vocal critics of the 'smaller goals for women' idea has been former US international goalkeeper Hope Solo. She can be pretty outspoken but I don't think she's too far off in most of what she's said. Here's a sampling of her remarks:

''Historically the quality of goalkeeping in the women's game hasn't been great. And when you look at the complete picture this isn't just because of height, but because of the physique, lack of technique, inconsistent coaching and simply put by not having the best athletes in goal.

What creates this problem with goalkeeping and the size of the goal is coaches who don't demand more excellence, don't provide year round quality training, and coaches who don't select the proper athlete/goalkeeper to represent their teams.''

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

HI John,
Lalas was once a buffoon commenting on crap he really did not understand, but to his credit he took the referee course. refereed a bit and at least has a semblance of knowledge and has done a better job if not a great one. Lets overlook the stupidly of the LOTG mandating a yellow card as a separate aspect. Lalas is likely spouting off that keepers have the step out, which in reality no referee was calling anyway ahead of the change in the LOTG. NOW that one foot MUST be on the goal line suddenly this isolated in stone moment is a FACT of indisputable necessity? They still allow the PK kicker to feint? Why? He triggers the impulse for keeper who at best has 30% chance of a save to move early. Given we can freeze frame VAR for a foot to move, bingo, foul and caution if a miss. Why are the players NOT inside the ARC, NOT inside the PA ALLOWED to reign free NEVER punished? In both RETAKEN PKS players of both sides were INSIDE the PA. Do not the The LOTG state the PK is to be retaken???????????? If an inch or a foot matters for the keeper ???????????????

Women's soccer has gradually increased in scope and I have no issues that IF you are chosen to play for the country you are paid the exact same male or female and all expenses are remunerated as well as success rewarded . I look at that as respectful socialism and equality of the sexes to have the right to do the same things for the same pay even if the skill level is not the same but remember choosing a fun sport as a job, the amateur aspect of sports has long since flown out the window.
I do not support equal pay within the professional arena as that is based on the income driven capitalist of the owners affording to pay for the product on the field and the advertising and customer paying dollars such an enterprise can take part in. That can be negotiated when Pay is based on talent & ability to draw customers provides advertising money proportional to the athletes character. I think Woman's tennis and woman's golf lag behind men but are well paid given their skill level and if they choose to cross over and play against the men the best of the men defeat the best of the woman.

I found several of the woman keepers in this WC to be outstanding athletes and did their country and themselves proud.

I will say the RIDICULOUS decisions to use VAR & retake the PKs for the keeper off the line & adding the caution only adds fuel of contempt for the brainiacs that think this is a feasible or defensible decision based on the needs of the match. If they place such a severe burden on the keeper I notice NOTHING is happening to the players inside the PA or the D area ahead of the kick? The LOTG USED to have the ITOOTR where it asked us not to interfere and over look the trifling doubtful aspects in the interest of a fair competitive match Might as well remove the referees and just let the guy in the stands behind the TV make all the decisions.

I find the CRs and ARs doing less & less opinion just waiting for VAR to make the tough decisions it is in my opinion ruining the game!
Var should ONLY be used for offside determination of a goal scored illegally, a VC unseen by the referee, ball in or out of goal. PERIOD!

Plus remove the idiotic handling PKS awarding goal scoring opportunities out of nothing . As my colleague & friend Ref McHugh so often opines INDFK os the only restart that is even marginally fair.

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