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Question Number: 33783

League Specific 11/21/2019

RE: Under 14

D Sansom of Edinburgh, UK asks...

We had a player sent off after 12 minutes. The tie went on to extra time and we won 2-1. At the start of the 2nd half of extra time we had 11 players on the pitch for about 1 minute. During this time, nothing of note took place.
We have just been informed that we have to replay the tie.
If we are replaying the tie should the sending off still count?
If anyone has any examples of precedent for this I’d love to see a link.

Answer provided by Referee Jason Wright

As my colleagues have noted this is a matter for a local disciplinary committee and the rules and guidelines - however typically when a match is abandoned or the result otherwise nullified any cards still stand. After all, the player still committed the action that earns the red card therefore still deserves any suspension that results. The fact that the result doesn't count doesn't mean the player didn't commit a sending off offence. I would certainly check with the league, but I would expect that player to be ineligible and have this count towards matches served under his suspension.

Also echoing the sentiments of my colleagues, the decision to nullify the result and replay the match will have absolutely nothing to do with the match referee.

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Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

This is a disciplinary matter not a refereeing one.
However it was a matter of fact that was reported by the referee which he is obliged to do. The fact nothing happened is somewhat irrelevant in that there should only have been 10 players on the field of play hence the replay decision. In addition when a player is sent off it is a fundamental principle that the player is disciplined according to the manner of the sending off irrespective of whether the game was abandoned, suspended or set for a replay.
As the match has been set for a full replay it is a new game of 11 v 11 with the only provision that the sent off player must serve whatever suspension has been set or will be imposed including a one game automatic. I suspect that the imposed suspension for the sending off may not be served before the replay so the player is likely to be ineligible to play in a replay.
Unless the game was set as a continuation of the game from the moment of the incident, abandonment etc all full replays are new games of 11 v 11.

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

The disciplinary or rules committee within your association have applied their version of the bylaws with respect to dealing with a possible protestable situation .
They have nullified the result of the overtime not the tie? Are you being told to replay the match in its entirety or only from the start of the 2nd half whilst down a player??? ? I think it should be a complete match replay but I have seen examples where teams restarted from the time of a referee error. A great example was the incorrect pk decision by the English ladies team

The referee's match report will include the details of why your player was sent off.
That FACT is indisputable and as such the player is going to miss the next match at the very least, possibly more depending on the severity of the incident that caused the send off Whether that restriction for that player occurs prior to your rematch is hard to say but only that player would be unable to participate if a ban was still in place! . The match, if ordered replayed in its entirety , should start with 11 versus 11.

The match report should mention that a portion of the game was played with too many players. In fact a player/sub who was on illegally should have been cautioned for that incident off of your team? Although it is MOST likely the protest requesting the match result be thrown out is from the losing team, it could be a policy though league rules or bylaws, as associations are prone to order results nullified or changed if there are irregularities they believe run counter to their policies. We had a youth match result negated to be replayed due to an unregistered non roster player being permitted to participate to help make up 11 on the field by the team that was playing with only 10. He was added but at the time was not part of the team. Being a new arrival to the town.
The point here is the referee only applies the LOTG at the match the decision to replay are NOT made by the referee but the league or prevailing associations rules committee.

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