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Question Number: 34269

Mechanics 7/20/2021

RE: Old-timer player and ref for youth to adult rec an

Barry Stewart of Chilliwack, British Columbia Canada asks...

Hello again.

I found some useful clips while watching the Euro final. With the TV in PVR mode, I could rewind, then shoot the clips on my phone, then them on my website. (I hope they will play via here.)

The first three regard offside and where the infraction is called and the ball spotted. This would add extra detail to my question at 34255.

Clearly, the AR follows the ball and gets the flag up when the offside player touches the ball (or otherwise becomes involved in play.) The ball is then spotted where the touch, or involvement, occurred.

Italian player is offside and the England free kick is spotted where the first touch occurred.

AR runs down the line and follows play until the touch happens.

England #12 is offside but makes a run down the line to receive a through-pass.

AR runs down the line and flags the offside infraction at the place where first contact is made.

Italian player is offside — but play is not called until (I'm guessing) there was some communication on the headsets.

Perhaps the AR is unsure if there has been a defensive deliberate play on the ball, as he doesn't have a good sight-line?

I believe the AR follows the ball and is about even with the 6 yard box when he raises the flag. (White cabinets in the background suggest that.)

Centre ref brings the ball back to where the first touch by the offside player occurred.

Your thoughts?

Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Barry
Thanks for the videos. You have been busy!
The clips show that the correct procedure by ARs is to flag as soon as the PIOP interferes with play or an opponent and that is the location of the IDFK restart.

Where VAR is used, which is in these situations, ARs have been advised to keep the offside flag down in the case of a goal scoring opportunity and as soon as that phase end to flag the offside. The IDFK is moved back to the original location.

The reasons for this is that the authorities do not want a goal being ruled out on an offside flag and to be then shown that the AR was in fact incorrect in the call. On the last Italian video the AR saw the offside yet kept the flag down and then when the PIOP tried to play the ball into the goal area which was cleared the AR put up the flag. Had the Italian shot and scored the goal would have been ruled out yet if the player was not offside then the goal would be good. That could not happen on an early incorrect flag.

My opinion is that it is ideal advice on tight calls yet I have seen blatant offside calls not being made as the advice is followed by rote. On the whole though it has worked well in the Euros with all offside decisions being called correctly and no complaint from any team. Yes a few super tight ones yet that is the fault of Law 11 rather than an error by the officials.

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Answer provided by Referee Peter Grove

Hi Barry,

The law in relation to this states as follows:

"Delaying the flag/whistle for an offence is only permissible in a very clear attacking situation when a player is about to score a goal or has a clear run into/towards the opponents’ penalty area."

I agree with my colleague ref McHugh that on the whole, the guidelines for delaying the flag for offside offences were well implemented, albeit with the occasional instance of not calling some offside offences that I thought were obvious enough to be flagged without a delay.

Having said that, and as ref McHugh also points out, a delayed flag can always be reviewed and the correct outcome arrived at, whereas an early flag that stops play and turns out to be wrong cannot, so erring on the side of caution is understandable.

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Hi Barry,
feels good to be vindicated does it not? Just do not get a swelled head. lol Just speak the truth, let your actions dictate your integrity! You keep this up one day you can take my place on the panel, at 65 I might not last much longer. You can pursue your dreams of officiating if you wish to reach for that WC berth.

You seem to have passion, persistence, and a good grasp of the game If your practical application of the theory is as good on the FOP I have every reason to think you will do well.

Remember this site is a helpful tool along the way but you must answer to the CSA and FIFA. Quoting what we think will not impress them, they have their own teaching, mentoring, and advancement protocols. In as good as some are, there could be a clash of egos, power, and control are not easily wrestled from those that weld it. Who you know, who you impress, and how often you are seen by those doing the testing and placements will demand a lot of your time and patience . Assessments & mentoring taking the exams and getting tested. I do not know how serious you are but in whatever local measure or professional capacity, you develop into,

I hope you always maintain your enjoyment and love of the game. Remember integrity is the gift of self-respect NO one can take from you! From our pitch to your pitch in the spirit of fair play! cheers

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