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Mechanics 7/4/2020

Fidel Jaary of Auckland, Auckland New Zealand asks...

Hi There,

Does the referee need to keep his hand raised when an offside happens, and the ball played and touched by another player, i had seen some referees do raise their hands to indicate an offside and then drop it.


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Law 5 - The Referee 7/2/2020

Referee of Aus, NSW Australia asks...

I cant find this in the new rule book. If a player is given permission to leave the field and then wants to re enter during play he can only do so on boundary lines but if ball is out of play then he can enter at anywhere ie goal line. Where is this ...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 6/30/2020

Doug Crawford of Moraga, CA US asks...

Well I am not going to ignore the challenge!
In this case, the sub goalie clearly "entered the field without permission", even while told not to, so no excuses.
He is a sub who has interfered with play, denying an obvious goal scoring opp...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 6/29/2020

Referee of Aus, Aus Aus asks...

Can you clarify the new handball rule soon receiving the ball from own body or other player close too a outstretched arm unnaturally bigger?

Im all for new rule change for football not expecting a goal to be scored from handball even if a...

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Law 5 - The Referee 6/27/2020

Doug Crawford of Moraga, CA US asks...

Goalie down - play continues?
I remember the instructor in my ref class many years ago saying there always has to be a goalie, and play you cannot have a game if the goalie cannot play. I have not heard mention of this factor since then.

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High School 6/26/2020

Steven of Plano, TX US asks...

Team A and B,
Team A has the control of the ball in their backfield. The ball hit the head of a player from Team B badly. So, the referee stops the play.
At restarting, by the rule, the referee gave ball to a player from Team B (last touch)...

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Law 10 - Determining the Outcome of a Match 6/18/2020

George Weagly of Hagerstown, Maryland USA asks...

If a goalie catches a shot and stumbles and is bumped by a team mate and falls into the goal, is it a goal? The ball crossed the score line....

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Law 3 - The Players 5/21/2020

Pluto of Melbourne, Victoria AU asks...

IFAB Laws of the game 2019/20 states the following: Law 3 Section 5

If a substitution is made during the half-time interval or before extra time,
the procedure must be completed before the match restarts. If the referee is
not inform...

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Law 14 - The Penalty kick 5/21/2020

Russell Montgomery of Sydney, Australia asks...

Yes, good to see games happening again - and I hope everyone is safe in this 'new normal'.

Agree that the converted penally was within the LOTG, as I did say 'coming close too', and certainly the example Ref MCHUGH provided https://www.youtu...

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Law 14 - The Penalty kick 5/19/2020

Russell Montgomery of Sydney, Australia asks...

Bayern's Robert Lewandowski's converted penalty in the recently resumed Bundesliga match against Union Berlin looked to be coming close to 'feinting' in the approach to the shot.
Might be technically within the LOTG, but I question it is within w...

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