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You-Call-It 65


Player passes the ball back to his keeper deliberately using his foot the ball apparently rolls over the outstretched foot of an opponent the keeper picks the ball up . Referee blow for the INDFK for illegal use of hands thinking the ball bounced over the foot but did not touch it. The keeper is incensed claiming the ball was off the opponent's foot and spikes the ball . A quick thinking attacker grabs it places it on the ground outside the PA and passes it a team mate who scores . Referee is going to award the goal, opposition are going ballistic, keeper is shown a yellow card possible red card for offinabuse to others. The near AR has shaken his head and was heard uttering that the keeper was right the ball did touch the opponent's foot.
Your Match your Decision Your Reputation!

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This question raises several key issues. In cases of the INDFK for this keeper handling infraction we recommend that it ALWAY be ceremonial one simply because a gift of a scoring opportunity from relatively nothing is being offered. We have a great deal of difficult declaring the restart spot trifling given the infringement can ONLY occur when the ball is INSIDE the PA boundary lines! At the very least part of the ball should be on the boundary line to be declare inside the PA. Blade of grass restart , caution to the keeper, auto park into ceremonial, time for review such an easy game if we do not make it hard on our selves!

Still the mess is what it is! The facts are hazy as to legality but referee discretion could permit the goal.
Good goal restart with a kick off!
The CR felt the defenders switched off ,
The CR did nothing to interfere
The keeper was foolish to spike the ball & argue
The restart location was close enough in his opinion
The INDFK protocol was followed for what he believed was a deliberate kick to the keeper. He saw what he saw and was satisfied there was no touch by the opponent! Despite the AR thinking different. It does not matter if the AR KNOWS different unless the CR agrees. BUT in no way shape or form is the interchange of information between the two officials was a correct, proper or useful endeavour! The communication between the CR & AR was ludicrous at best and some post game talk must address the way information is transmitted!

Lastly lets examine denying the goal as an improper restart thus not award the goal . Could the CR CHANGE his mind based on the AR input? Possibly but why if he called it he was obviously close enough to discount the AR input OTHERWISE he would have sought it out! The flippant AR for scandalizing the restart may well have created huge conflict not something ARs need to be doing! Silent signal, quiet talk THEN let the chips fall, here we are bag crushing under the tires! sigh. Still a drop ball for an inadvertent whistle should the CR approve of this incredible observation that he missed??, Are we still going to caution keeper and now the other team may also be a hollering sigh. Ugly just turned into uglier at this drop because will the one team back off or do we two peeved teams ready to whack a mole?

That was our Question YOUR Answer is... Educating and Amusing The Soccer Referee Since October 11, 1999

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Monday, August 3, 2020

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