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You-Call-It 66


#18 blue is injured in an accidental clash of heads. He leaves for treatment some blood is present and a substitute # 12 blue is prepped for a possible replacement. #18 blue is angry at being taken out and says he is ok to continue just needs to get bandaged up free of the blood. He is arguing with #12 to go sit down but #12 goes to the midline thinking to substitute next stoppage . The coach tells #18 I think it best if you come out you got a nasty knock #12 will go in next stoppage but #18 is having none of it. The near AR intercedes between them and suggests they calm down as the language is heated but is told to shut up and mind his own business and #18 pushed roughly past him to get ready to renter to go over and argue with #12 . The CR looks over to see if #18 is ready to return and was going to wave him in when the AR raises his flag and signals they need to talk. The ball is at midfield controlled by blue so the CR stops play and jogs over to the AR who inform him of the fact #12 is waiting to substitute #18 but #18 will not yield and that 18 pushed roughly past him to get ready to renter to go over and argue with #12 . And that the heated exchanges between the players and the AR was told to shut up and mind his own business by #18 blue. As referee, your match, your decision, your reputation! What would you do? How would you restart?

Our Hint

laying on of hands here is not a salvation technique! watch from distance then report sometimes the black hole opens & swallows all in its grasp

Our Answer...

One might question the need to for the AR to intervene in what is a dispute between the tactical arrangements of a coach and players but given the AR likely has the responsibility of the CR to ensure the injured player is made ready to rejoin play one can understand his interest. No matter what the situation no player can treat an official with contempt or physical abuse in ANY form including insulting, ignoring, then pushing them out of their way. The ONLY recourse here is to show the red card and send off #18 reducing his team by a player No substitution will be permitted. The restart will be a DFK from the point along the touchline where the push occurred!

There was some argument that #18 may be addled from the head injury although one would expect their medical personal to intervene , thus a drop ball restart at midfield for a stoppage as an injury rather than the blatant misconduct of assaulting the AR. We do not feel that is reasonable but entertain the possibility!

That was our Question YOUR Answer is...

Sahid a Referee from Chicago IL USA

# 18 is red carded for violent conduct (rough push) against the AR. Play is restarted with a direct kick to the opposing team from the touch line closest to where the VC occurred. #12 is not allowed to substitute #18, but may substitute for any other player, should the coach decide so. Educating and Amusing The Soccer Referee Since October 11, 1999

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