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You-Call-It 70


The AR witnesses a defender viscously kick the attacker walking up field after a failed attack. The AR yells out to stop the retaliation, the flag is being waved vigorously to indicate the need to talk with the CR who stops play. . The AR explains to the CR the circumstances of the VC. fully expecting the CR to show a red card and send off the defender .

The CR unwisely allows a crowd including the coaches to enter the FOP and complain claiming the officials obviously missed why the VC occurred. So the CR decided to caution the two players showing each a yellow card. The AR is upset because there was absolutely no reason to caution the attacker who restrained punching the defender on the ARs intervention. Those on the touchline with the AR who witnessed the attack are aghast at the decision and badger the AR to intervene.

The AR is visibly upset and unable to understand the CR decision as anything but a biased unfair action tells the attacking coach to protest the match as this incident must be a red card and the defender must be sent of for VC and will appear as a witness to support their claim of gross dereliction of duty by the CR.

In the match report the CR makes no mention of the ARs input and the AR makes his own match report and places it with the coaches letter of protest.
In your opinion has the AR over stepped his duty or is a CR decision to not enforce the LOTG fairly reason to do as he did?
What if any thing could be done?

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