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You-Call-It 83


Blue attacker lofts ball over red defender into space, the defender deliberately raises his hand towards the ball and deflects the ball over his head using his hand in a punching closed fist motion much like a keeper might do, two blue attackers one from the right one from the left are bearing down on the ball so as referee you yell Advantage, signal with the arms and play on. Right side player gets to ball then chooses to drop pass to the open left side for left blue player who scores only you now see the the AR flag is up for offside.

You go over and ask for the AR's input.

'The right side blue player was in an offside position before the defender deliberately handled the ball when the blue teammate kicked the ball. I kept my flag down per our pregame discussion, becaI was not sure which blue attacker would get to the ball first as one was onside and the other offside positioned. I did not think the offside blue player involved himself until he actually touched the ball. Although the defender deliberately handled the ball I saw it as a deflection to the offside attacker. As referee you say thank you and do what and why? Your Decision? Your Match! Your Reputation!

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Matt a Referee from Bristow VA USA

I've flip-flopped on this one several times. However, I've found the thinnest of evidence to back up my final answer...GOAL!

Since it is not clearly stated that the original pass was not in the PA, one can assume that it was not near the goal and therefore, we would not judge the handling to be a deliberate save (although I found reference to an UEFA interpretation stating that only handling by the GK could be a deliberate save). Instead, the handling is a deliberate play which resets offside. With advantage being played after the handling infraction, the goal counts as there is no offside infraction.

Before I leave my AR, I note the goal scored as we are talking. Put my card back in my pocket. Smile at my AR and give him a thumbs up then blow my whistle and point to the circle followed by an immediate sprint to get into position for the kick-off. Basically, I try to have my non-verbals convey confidence and try to ward off as much dissent as possible. Educating and Amusing The Soccer Referee Since October 11, 1999

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