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Law 3 - The Players
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Law 3 - The Players 12/28/2021

vince lally of Manchester, United Kingdom asks...

A team turns up with 10 men so you start the game ,the 10 man team are winning 3-0 there manager comes to you and says 1 of his players has to leave ,so they are down to 9 players 15 mins into 2nd half another 1 has to leave ,leaving them with 8 play...

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Law 3 - The Players 10/15/2021

Daniel Hewett of Whitchurch-Stouffville, ON Canada asks...

in the recent Canada Panama game at BMO field, a corner was about to be taken.

as the corner kick taker started to back up to take the kick, he started to walk backwards into the Canadian sub that was kneeling off the field.


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Law 3 - The Players 10/9/2021

MATTHEW of BRISTOW, VA United States asks...

Law 3 states that each team must have a keeper, so if a keeper suffers an injury during play that prevents him from playing as a goalie, shouldn't play be stopped sooner than say for a field player with cramps.

Also similar scenario to the...

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Law 3 - The Players 4/14/2021

george of New York, New York Unites States asks...

A big pet peeve of mine as a referee is with subs wearing pinnies/bibs. I now include it in my very short pregame to players during check-in to wear it all the way like a jersey. Yet I still run into, quite frequently, where players will still just h...

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Law 3 - The Players 9/21/2020

Muhammad Rizwan Khan of Abbottabad, Abbottabad Pakistan asks...


before start of the match / before kick off if any of players committed serious offence like fight with opponent and deserve red card. As we know still its before kick off when this offender sent off it can be substitute with any oth...

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Law 3 - The Players 9/16/2020

Oyewole Idowu of Owode-yewa, Ogun state Nigeria asks...

What is the maximum number of red cards a team can get before a match can be postponed or ended...

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Law 3 - The Players 7/26/2020

Hussain jan Gramkani of muscat, Oman asks...

a player substitutes while ball is out of play without referees information. referee realizes on next out of play and cautions him. is it necessary to send the player back out of FOP the call him in? ...

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Law 3 - The Players 5/21/2020

Pluto of Melbourne, Victoria AU asks...

IFAB Laws of the game 2019/20 states the following: Law 3 Section 5

If a substitution is made during the half-time interval or before extra time,
the procedure must be completed before the match restarts. If the referee is
not inform...

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Law 3 - The Players 10/31/2019

NM of washingtom, dc USA asks...

A player is awarded a PK on a trip in the box. She is injured on the foul and must leave the field. Can a substitute enter the game at this time, or must she wait until after the PK?...

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Law 3 - The Players 10/28/2019

jerold of phoenix, az USA asks...

Is it bad form to stop a game to allow a substitution, then cancel the substitution if the team is taking too long to do it?

A few weeks ago on U19 boys match I called a free kick in the attacking third and stopped a restart to allow the def...

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