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Law 3 - Number of Players 11/14/2010

Ken Kotner of Kealakekua, HI United States asks...

What are the proper mechanics for switching the keeper with a field player, say for the taking of a PK? Should the players ask the center or the AR? Should the coach ask the AR and then the AR signal for a 'substitution'. ...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 11/14/2010

DougB of Irvine, Ca USA asks...

I was reading the Week in Review, I think it was Week 31, and it was regarding allowing the goalkeeper to place the ball back in play. If the game is younger, U10 or U12 Rec, I probably don't want to award a caution, it's probably not needed.

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Law 13 - Free Kicks 11/14/2010

jackie of wilton, CT usa asks...

A goalkeeper, within his/her penalty area, showed dissent towards your decisions. You stopped play. What is the proper restart?
a. Direct Free Kick
b. Penalty Kick
c. Indirect FreeKick
d. Dropped Ball

I have been given differ...

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Law 7 - Match Duration 11/13/2010

Bob Hayes of Redondo Beach, CA USA asks...

Right before the end of the game, an attacking team had a throw in which a defender hit with his hand in the penalty area.

It was fairly obvious, but right after that happened (about 1 or 2 seconds), the ref called an end to the game.

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Law 13 - Free Kicks 11/13/2010

Richard of CARLSBAD, California USA asks...

During a U10 playoff game the goalkeeper touched the ball with her hands when the ball was outside of the penalty area. I blew the whistle and awarded a DFK to the opposing team from the spot where the goalkeeper touched the ball. While I explained t...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 11/11/2010

ken shirkey of towaco, nj USA asks...

What direct free kick foul could be called inside the penalty box that would not be a pk?...

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Law 3 - Number of Players 10/27/2010

Aubrey Waddell of Maryville, TN USA asks...

If a substitute or substituted player enters the field of play while the ball is in play and without the referee's permission, is the substitute/substituted player considered a player or is he considered a substitute/substituted player for purposes o...

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Law 5 - The Referee 10/26/2010

Kash of BLY, LANC UK asks...

Can you please clarify the advantage rule please?

Everywhere I read it says.. if advantage does not accure 'immediately' then the original freekick or penalty is given. Which is exactly what you have said in your answer.

A specific ...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 5/20/2010

Dave of Santa Monica, CA United States asks...

I'm a ref administrator, and one of my refs asked me this question, and I'm embarrassed to say it stumped me.

Blue defender in a Boys U-14 AYSO game asked permission to leave the field to tie his shoes as the ball was being played toward the...

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Law 5 - The Referee 3/22/2010

Rob of Houston, TX USA asks...

In a game yesterday the ball rolled out of bounds on the sideline near the white team's goal. The Ref initially ruled that the white team would do the throw in and all the boys from both teams immediately moved down field expecting the white team to ...

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