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Question Number: 33734

Law 13 - Free Kicks 10/26/2019

RE: competive Under 16

Doug of Moraga, CA US asks...

This question is a follow up to question 33733

Hello fellow referees - Imagine a situation on a DFK offense close to the PA by the goalie. The goalie already has possession of the ball by the time the whistle is blown.

A smart goalie will not give the ball to the attackers right there close to the 18 yard line, allowing a free kick while the goalie is out of the goal area.

Rather the goalie will usually carry the ball some distance towards the goal and then throw it back to the attackers, risking a caution for the goalie for delay of restart.

This is one of ref Groves situations where the 'attacking team has created a promising attacking position by dint of their own legitimate efforts and has only lost that attacking opportunity because of the illegal actions of the opponents'.

Should the ref insist the goalie give up the ball when the goalie is outside their natural defensive position in the goal area, and then allow a quick free kick? This seems rather harsh, and seems to be often flaunted by goalies.

Thanks as usual for your knowledge, experience, and positive attitude. /Doug

Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

HI Doug,
I d rather take the card as the keeper then follow a request to hand the ball over for a scoring opportunity to the opponents.

A referee who yells to the defenders after they commit a foul be it a DFK or a lesser INDFK 'Ten yard now!' in an effort to clear the area so the attackers CAN get on with it? Has he fully committed an intervention as (in my opinion) he most definitely has in actually requesting the ball from the keeper then handing it to the attacker to restart immediately? The LOTG would not be in conflict with the referees actions in either cases! The defenders have no special rights to delay the opposition restart.

However, I think in the spirit of the game this form of intervention by the referee sets up the ceremonial free kick attitude in most players. Except perhaps the ones FULLY aware he has not actually SAID. 'We wait for the whistle! Good players are always ON & tuned in to jump on confusion or indecision from opponents

Yet by the referee requesting the ball and handing it over he has implied intervention and frankly it seems off, not illegal, not against the LOTG, just off! Now it might be the referee was hoping to avoid confrontation of the attacker trying to rip the ball out of the keeper's hand so no cards would be needed. The referee anticipation pro-action to head off trouble is certainly a worthy effort! Yet in my opinion, being both right in the attackers have every right to continue, yet wrong - because it clouds the value of fairness or at least taints it? Look to see how this INDFK was an unearned gift of sorts anyway from nothing but an unwise action. That being said, it was the foul or infraction by the team that created the restart in the first place!

I just realized I was arguing with myself lol .
Players should NEVER stop playing even during a stoppage . Unless the referee FULLY directs play is dead until the whistle signal, it is always a go instantly!
That said no referee should interfere unless they are making the free kick ceremonial or need to caution or send off. Let the players make THEIR OWN Tactical decisions just watch and see what occurs! Do NOT participate!

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Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Doug
In the video I posted in #33730
It showed how Referee Hanson asked the Arsenal goalkeeper for the ball and he gave it to the Blue Porto player who took the quick IDFK and scored.
Now unfortunately for the goalkeeper by doing what was correct resulted in a goal being conceded. How many other goalkeepers would take the caution to delay the restart by not offering up the ball. Or if he was smart enough pass / kick the ball away as soon as the whistle sounded. The referee might give him the benefit of doubt on that.
Now there is also a body of referees who will make the IDFK or the attacking free kick ceremonial every single time so these situations do not arise. It sort of *protects* the referee from any controversy. Referee Hanson got berated by Arsenal for his handling of the incident which the referee was 100% correct on. Had he went ceremonial it would have been a non issue and that is what many refs take the ceremonial route.

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