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Question Number: 34080

Law 14 - The Penalty kick 12/12/2020

Larry of Danville, CA US asks...

This question is a follow up to question 34077

Your responses answered question 34077, but the premise of the question seems incorrect? The GK was off line and the PK was “missed” – not saved. The kick is only retaken if the GK’s offense clearly impacted the kicker. I suppose that was possible, but I’ve never seen it happen. Also, wouldn't it be more appropriate for the CR to make that type of call on their own, as they would not need input from the AR if the GK's action clearly impacted the kicker.

I also have another question. If a GK comes off their line early with both feet, and the shot is still made, should the CR or AR inform the GK of their infringement? I watched a game that went to multiple KFTPM. The GK came off their line early for at least 7 shots, and they were all converted. Finally the GK made a save, doing the exact same thing they had been doing, but this time they were called for it and the kick was retaken. I thought it seemed unfair as the GK undoubtedly felt that whatever they had been doing on the previous shots was ok.

Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Hmm I took the missed and cleared as an indication the ball was stopped/saved not kicked out for a goal kick? I guess it could have hit the post or crossbar ? If the ball misses the goal or rebounds from the crossbar or goalpost(s), the kick is only retaken if the goalkeeper’s offence clearly impacted on the kicker. That said a keeper does not HAVE to make ball contact to effectively cut down the angle forcing a miss if he OBVIOUSLY left too soon. Yet as you indicated the CR must be convinced the keeper's action affected the shot. If the goalkeeper’s offence results in the kick being retaken, the goalkeeper is warned for the first offence in the game and cautioned for any subsequent offence(s) in the game. The kick is retaken by any eligible player as long as the CR is notified!

If the PK or KFTPM shot taken scores, the only reason to retake is the kicker or someone on his team team did something, because if a player of both teams offends, the kick is retaken unless a player commits a more serious offence (e.g. 'illegal' feinting) which is if both the goalkeeper and the kicker commit an offence at the same time, the kicker is cautioned and play restarts with an indirect free kick to the defending team. If as you say the keeper WAS encroaching for the first 6 or 7 times but it made no difference. As neutral officials there is no reason to say to him he is doing it wrong. The AR can convey a simple non verbal clue to the CR the keeper did leave early (a step out off the goal line once eye contact was established to go with a head nod or bob or thumbs up or down as part of the confirmation process. The officials only react to what the keeper chooses to do, if it adversely affects the kicker as a save or miss, it is deemed as something to consider and the AR should indicate something was amiss. If it makes no difference, it is ignored. It is not a training exercise to instruct the keeper! The keepers are generally briefed/reminded going into KFTPM as to what could occur

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Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Larry
It all depends on the instructions to the assistant referee by the referee before KFTPM.
If in the opinion of the referee the encroachment had NO effect on the kick then a miss would be recorded. The Law states that if the ball misses the goal or rebounds from the crossbar or goalpost(s), the kick is only retaken if the goalkeeper’s offence clearly impacted on the kicker. That impact is a matter of opinion. I would certainly be advising the AR not to flag for encroachment on obvious blatant misses and to leaves those to myself.
As to your other question I feel that a referee can perhaps be proactive here by advising a goalkeeper if he is blatantly encroaching that it will be called if he saves a kick. I usually speak with both goalkeepers before the kicks to advise them on encroachment and the sanction along with where they are expected to stand when not in goal and to desist from any gamesmanship, questioning ball positioning, coming forward to engage the kicker etc. If the encroachment is minimal then I will probably let it slide leaving it up to the AR to flag as per my instructions on a save. As we are not using VAR I ask ARs not to be *picky* about doubtful movement off the line.
As to advice to GKs during the kicks about potential encroachment that it is not required and on constant encroachment during successful kicks they referee does not need to take any action except where there is a save or a miss.
In your example if the save on the eight kick was as a result of encroachment then it is a retake, plus a warning. A repeat results in a caution.

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