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Question Number: 34364

Mechanics 10/1/2021

RE: Competitive (but rec graduates) Under 14

Brian Mooney of Mesa, AZ United States asks...

This question is a follow up to question 34358

On a last play penalty shot (extended play, ref called a handball and awarded a PK because it was in the box at the very end of the game). Do all other players have to clear the field?
I see that it noted it is good to have players clear the field so as not to interfere, but if the game is still in theory happening do they have to clear?

Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Brian
There is no basis in Law for the field to be cleared as the game has not ended until the kick is completed although it is a good idea for the players to be asked to move away from the penalty area as there is no follow up allowed. The referee can inform players that the kick is the final kick of the half, game and that the players should move away. Clearing the field might cause a team to get into a spat about it or protest about the need to have the required minimum number of seven players on the field for a game to continue!

One of the reasons for not clearing the field just moving the players back a distance is that in the unlikely event of a retake for encroachment by the goalkeeper the kicking team may want to change the kicker. In addition if the goalkeeper was to be sent off or injured for a retake the defending team would have to put a field player into goal.

Having all the players reasonably close by the penalty area and not off the field of play allows for these changes to be made easily plus there is no doubt as to who was legally on the field of play at the award of the penalty kick. Plus it does not bring into possible question the player numbers
I also think that while it is a good idea to move the players it can delay the kick if players are tardy to respond or questioning the need for it in an already fraught situation. s

As to the extended time penalty kick they are pretty rare and many referees if they have awarded the penalty in added time usually add on the seconds taken to set it all up. When the kick is taken they end the game with perhaps a kick off which helps clear the penalty area / halves of players who are in close proximity.

Have a look at this video.
At approximately 1.20 there is an incident where the referee blows the whiistle to end the game yet VAR intervenes to say that there was deliberate handling before the whistle sounded.
As it had to be last kick of the game the referee just went with a regular penalty kick set up. The game ended with the goal yet had it rebounded the referee had to be super quick on the whistle to stop any follow up. He would have no choice but to end the game on a miss as time has fully elapsed.

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Hi Brian,
if there IS an extended PK, it means ALL time duration is offically over be it half or match end so no rebound is going to occur! Only 2 players need to be there the pk kicker and the keeper. Do the other players HAVE to leave? NO. Should they back off? YES. As none of the 20 other players can be involved in play they can only create misconduct and delay the taking of the PK. The teams should be NOTIFIED this is an EXTENDED PK as NO time remains hence their participation is unneccessary and thus not ready to play it as a normal PK.

While true the keeper could leave early off the line or get injured or carded out of the match in which case another eligable teammate would take his place. Still having the players loiter about just increases odds of needless confrontation.

If the PK was going to allow for additional play, even if for few seconds , providing there is justification for adding time. You are NOT announcing it as an extended PK but rather the match duration is stopped with added time remaining to where all 22 players can participate, a completely different senario, as it is a normal PK.

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