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Questions & Answers for "Penalty Mark"

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Kicks From The Penalty mark 9/5/2017

daniel of vienna, va usa asks...

Regarding Determining the Outcome of a Match.

If a goalie is injured, LOTG states that he may be replaced by a substitute (who cannot participate in the kicks.) If somehow, it get's to the final round of kicks, both teams have used 10 kicke...

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Kicks From The Penalty mark 4/6/2017

Radomir Senic of Brisbane, Queensland Australia asks...

For the penalty kicks to decide a winner new Law says that ref has to toss coin to decide the goal at which the kicks will be taken.What about who takes first and second penalty kick?Does the ref tosses a coin again or is it decided alternate?Thanks...

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Kicks From The Penalty mark 3/12/2017

Derek Wynne of Galway, Galway Ireland asks...

Penalty Kick:

A game drawn 1:1 after extra time goes to penalties. After 5 penalties each the score is Team A 4:3 Team B, so Team A should be the winning team. However the referee has miscounted and believes that the score is 4:4. He continu...

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Kicks From The Penalty mark 3/6/2017

Matt of Salt Lake City, UT USA asks...

Situation: DURING kicks from the mark, the visiting goalkeeper is injured. The goalkeeper is legally replaced by a substitute from the bench.
Question: May the new goalkeeper attempt a kick from the mark?
IF NOT, is the home team required to...

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Kicks From The Penalty mark 1/30/2017

Simon from of Collingwood Park, queensland Australia asks...

In the answer by Referee Dawson, he provided additional information to the initial question and as such no other ref from the panel spoke of it, so I want to confirm he meant to say this.

"¦ or the two players who left one could return to r...

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Kicks From The Penalty mark 1/25/2017

Simon from of Ipswich, queensland Australia asks...

A match needs a winner to determine which team goes on to play in next round of the competition, but the game finishes in a draw, so KFPM. Blue team finished with 9 players (the red team had full 11 players) on field at end. Those (18) players have b...

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Kicks From The Penalty mark 1/22/2017

Muhammad Rizwan Khan of Abbottabad, KPK Pakistan asks...

Sir, Here in our local tournament and at the end of the match which was ended at 0-0 to decide the winner the penalty shootout was awarded. During the last penalty kick the kicker kicked the ball before the whistle was blow by the referee and the bal...

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Law 5 - The Referee 1/16/2017

Dave Bermingham of Herndon, Virginia USA asks...

After reading revised wording in Law 5, I found the following question on my recertification exam: (T/F) The referee can show the red card or yellow card only after the match has begun. Knowing the Law says the referee 'has the power to show yellow...

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Kicks From The Penalty mark 12/25/2016

T.J. of Wasaga Beach, ON - Ontario Canada asks...

Does the ball get moved back from the penalty
line after the first five shots are done. ...

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Kicks From The Penalty mark 12/8/2016

chad of dublin, ireland asks...

Thanks lads, discussing this one in office, for sure, if ball has crossed line before the VC then goal stands.

If we look at the famous case that Joe posted earlier, which we can see real time here

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