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Questions & Answers for "Pre-game"

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Law 6 - Assistant Referee 12/12/2010

Julie of San Jose, California USA asks...

Bad calls and bad parents experience from a fairly new referee
Today I was Assistant Referee for a BU12 game at the CYSA Founders Cup. Now, I am a fairly new referee (this is only my second season) but I was feeling pretty confident about myse...

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Pre-Game 10/11/2010

Kevin Dyer of Newbury Park, CA USA asks...

If an CR while officiating a match, becomes ill or injured (twist his/her ankle) would it be correct for the next highest level AR to take over the match and assign a club linesman to take his place and then continue. Of course, after making sure you...

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Pre-Game 6/4/2010

Mike of Chino Hills, CA USA asks...

By the time I reached the bottom of the instructions, I had forgot the preamble. LOL, I guess that proves the theory about 'three things' :-) No question this time, just thanks for the replies. The pregame article is a useful guide that I will tai...

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Pre-Game 6/1/2010

Mike Suarez of Chino Hills, CA USA asks...

I just read the article by Gil Weber on the pre-game chat with the ARs. Frankly, I think it is way too much stuff. Personally, I like the advice that an instructor once gave to me after observing my pre-game chat. He said that ARs only retain thre...

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Law 3 - Number of Players 4/29/2010

Carrie of Indianapolis, IN US asks...

This may not be the right forum for this and I apologize in advance if that is the case. Opposing coach brought an illegal player to a game. I had spoken with the coach by phone and the coach asked me if he could bring a U15 player (the next division...

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Character, Attitude and Control 10/3/2009

Sandra Dixon of Sterling Heights, MI USA asks...

The pre-game talk by the referee consisting of him yelling at the 12 year old girls saying 'I will give you a yellow card if you have a hair scrunchie on your uniform, it is a pet peeve of mine' also one of the girls fell down and as she was getting...

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Pre-Game 9/21/2009

William Everitt of Brandon, MS US asks...

What is a good pre game message to teams for a U16 boys match. I usually do not check shoes or shingaurds at this level. I do ask anyone have 'screw ins', I need to say something before the game though. Like 'lets have fun but not kill anyone' j/k, ...

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Pre-Game 9/17/2009

Steven of sydney, nsw ausralia asks...

What is your pre match briefing to your assistants? ...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 8/21/2009

Tim S of Los Angeles, CA USA asks...

My seven year olds were at a well respected Soccer Camp this summer run by a popular USSF Licensed/English F.A. Certified Coach. In a scrimmage, ball shot at goalie by Blue #1; goalie saves shot, has his hand on top of the ball pinned against the gro...

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Law 3 - Number of Players 6/30/2009

Nick Broderick of Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada asks...

I had the following incident occur at one of my games recently in a tournament (Under 14 Girls). I was the referee:

In the middle of the first half, one of the teams makes a substitution (4 players). I allow them to do their substitutions as...

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